Sunday, August 08, 2004

Better picture?

This is a (somewhat) better picture of the Cap-Sleeved progress. At least you can kind of see the shaping. I think this is why I'm so attracted to using straight needles (and I don't care what you have to say about them). They are just so...straight! I like how nice and even and orderly my projects look when I hold them up on straight needles. With circular, you have to fight them to go straight, and then you still have to imagine what it would look like if it were really laid out flat. I'm sure that's just me, though.

There have been some bumpy starts to the Madli's Shawl Knit-Along. I don't even have my yarn yet, but I'm starting to get a little nervous. Maybe it's not as easy as I think? And I'm learning it's very difficult to diagnose problems over the internet. If I could just get my hands on it....