Sunday, August 08, 2004

Knitting Guild Meeting Day

This is the progress on the Cap Sleeved Cardigan from IK Spring 2004. My circulars are too short and too bendy, so I can't really stretch it out to show you what it looks like. But I got a lot done at the Knitters Guild meeting today, and all my knitty friends said they really liked it, and thought it would be cute. I was still oscillating between love and hate, but if they all thought it was going to be grand, then I'm willing to give it a chance.

In other news, I showed some of the jewelry at Show-and-Share and everyone went nuts. I was tasteful, and didn't use it as a free commercial, but afterwards people either asked me to do a workshop or said "you could sell these things", to which I replied "I do." Someone suggested that I put an ad in the guild newsletter. I just might do that. It couldn't hurt. I'm concerned about teaching a workshop because it is often the case that what comes easily to me might not come easily to someone else, and I'd hate to be a bad teacher.

Then I went to the house-warming party of two friends of mine, and she bought the garnet necklace! I'm pretty excited, because that's the first necklace I've sold, and it looked just beautiful on her. Yippee! And that's a little bit of money I can use for yarn, or to pay off something so I can feel less guilty about buying yarn, or whatever. See? This helps me to re-define "affordable", just like I say in my blog-summary. Wouldn't you like to help a good cause too?

And in even other news: be looking for my tattoo soon on the Knitattoo Gallery. It's not fiber related, but oh well.


Donna W said...

Hey Beth,
What a great blog! I beg to differ about you ability to teach a workshop - I think that you would do a great job! Writing seems to be a gift of yours also. Loved the "bridesmaid gift problem" - she should be giving them a necklace by Beth instead of a crappy box - I always hated getting those. Her single friends could always search for a husband with their current initial since she believes that this box will become their life's treasure! See you soon, Donna