Sunday, August 01, 2004

Cable Waist Pullover progress

Ok. I kicked it up a notch, and focused on the purple sweater. Every time I stopped, there would be a row that looked all wonky, so I thought I'd just persevere and finish the front. I also don't like to stop a project in the middle of a piece like that (for reasons I'm sure you can imagine yourself, aside from the wonky-row problem.) But I wasn't excited about working on it. I'm sure the wonky rows will block out, I'm not too worried, but still... So after dinner I popped in a movie and got to business.
This picture was taken without a flash, so it's blurry, but a more accurate representation of the color.

I still haven't made any jewelry like I had planned, but so what? I'll get to that eventually. I got another piece of the sweater done! Only two sleeves to go, and I can put it away until the weather cools off. And I held it up to myself, and I think it'll fit pretty well. I was worried that the cables would fall too low, but they're right on target. Now I can start on the cap sleeved sweater from IW. Yippee!