Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Headaches suck.

Yesterday at work, I had to make yogurt. It wasn't too bad, except that I had a terrible headache, and I didn't have the medicine I needed with me, aside from the fact that I hate taking the medicine because it has a ton of caffeine in it, and it messes up my sleep. So I pretty much had to muddle through it. I needed to stay late, because I was going somewhere afterwards, but I didn't have much to do, so I sat and knitted with my eyes closed. That's how bad it hurt. I stayed until about 7:00 and then went to Bach Society Choir rehearsal, the first one after the summer break. Of course, because I had to process, because I had my hair up and no makeup and scruffy clothes, they decided to take pictures of everybody. Great. Just great. I was really excited about that. When Joel, the picture-taker, said "I got you already, didn't I?" I almost said "yes" but I couldn't bring myself to lie like that. Anyway, yesterday sucked.

So today when I woke up with the same headache, I decided to stay home. Stay home and knit, if I could stand it. I got some done; I worked on the Cabaret Raglan, and I got my shawl started. Neither are of enough interest to take a picture of, but they may be soon. I took a very helpful nap. I went on a quest for some pointier needles, but the Balene at Hobby Lobby weren't really any pointier, and only came in a 6 and I need a 5, and none of the needles at the yarn store were any better either. I decided to save some money (which I really need to do anyway) and just deal with the needles I already have. I feel like I should be knitting my beautiful shawl on beautiful needles, but such is life. Besides, the last time I knitted something with Alpaca it was pretty sticky, and difficult on wooden needles. Hobby Lobby did have, however, one of those magnetic boards with magnetic strips, and it was only $4.00. I thought they were more expensive than that. I don't know why, I just did. So now I have one, and it's helping with the shawl effort nobly.

This evening I made some "Tango Cream" ice cream. Tango Cream is a Bailey's-like concoction I got from a "wine party" (think Pampered-Chef-meets-fermented-grape-juice). Pretty tasty; I love making/eating homemade ice cream. I was upset, however, that the ice cream on the blades melted before I could lick it off. So today sucked, too. ;) I am going to go lay in bed, watch the Olympics and knit on my shawl. I so badly want some pictures worth showing.


Teri said...

Poor thing, I hope you're feeling better soon.

In fact, I hope you're feeling well enough to make it to dinner & knitting tonight!

Gwen said...

I'm jealous, not of the headache, but of staying home and knitting. I really want to stay home and play with my yarn, but I've had to go to work. I'm taking a half day on Friday though and that's my plan for the afternoon!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout the headache... I'm afraid I share the same boat with you. I get killer migraines every now and then. And I, too, have issuea with meds. Excedrin is the only thing that truly makes the pain stop, but if I take it too frequently I end up with caffeine withdrawl headaches!
I didn't know you were in a choir! I've heard of BSC, though I've never seen a perf.