Wednesday, August 25, 2004

All My Knitty Friends...And Then Some!

Look at all the knitters! So many people showed up for knitting at Barnes&Noble! A new face, an old face, some REALLY old faces, everybody! Every person in the photo is a knitter, and I think two of us are missing.
How wonderful, huh? It was Teri's last night. I should have taken a special picture of her. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures on Saturday at her "See ya!" party.

We all brought our haul from Stitches to share. So many wonderful things. The "pooperweight" didn't take as long to pass around as I thought it would. And Kim (who giggled every time I said "hemp") went to a new yarn store in Illinois, and had some wonderful things to show, too. We'll have to visit it soon. I showed my swatch for the Madli's Shawl, and everyone was duly impressed.

Now that I've shown everyone everything I can put the projects not in progress away. I don't like to have too many projects to work on at once, or else none of them ever get done. So the hemp and silk/cotton (which Gwen made a swatch of, and it may take some conditioner, but it's lovely) will go in the closet to take their places as stash yarns to reign until such time as I am ready for them to assume the throne of WIP (Work In Progress). The hemp may not come out until next summer when it's more seasonally appropriate, but the silk/cotton may make it's appearance over the winter. That's optimistic; I have so many projects going right now, I don't know what to do. Don't worry, I'm not going to put a big long boring list of projects you know nothing about in my sidebar. I may have to make a list for myself, though, just to put it all in perspective. I'm trying to work on the shawl whenever I get a quiet enough moment (there was a shaky few minutes earlier today; 12 stitches where there should have been 14, but it's ok now). Otherwise, it's knit like crazy on the Cabaret Raglan. I won't take pictures of the front until I get to the interesting part, because it looks just like the back. But I'm about 6 inches up right now.

I should mention the weather. It was raining torrentially when we were trying to leave the mall to go to B&N, so we waited it out, and it was raining again when we left. It was a dangerous ride home. The good news is that the fresh coat of bug guts from the Stitches trip is gone.


Teri said...

*giggle* You said "hemp" *giggle giggle*

Kim makes me laugh almost as much as "hemp" makes her laugh.

I updated my blog, can I go to bed now, Beth?

Anonymous said...

Love the logo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Beth! Sorry I missed you guys last night... it looks like the cafe was full! I probably won't make it to dinner next week, but I'll be at B&N as usual!