Thursday, August 26, 2004

How Ya' Like Me Now?

Last night we (they?) decided that I needed to have a logo. So I went with the "Envy = Mortal Sin" angle, and I got the Devil Sheep. Isn't he cute? I have some more small things to change from the last incarnation of YarnEnvy, but I have a lot of it done. They also decided that I should have a CafePress store so we can all have "YarnEnvy" T-shirts. Would you like a T-Shirt with a Devil Sheep on it? It might be hard to explain to the straights.

As pondered yesterday, I took inventory of my WIPs and stash. I have 6 WIPs (4 sweaters, 1 shawl and 1 sock) and 3 projects-in-waiting (all sweaters). That's pretty bad (for me) but it's ok. The sock is the second sock, and the Cabaret Raglan is going quickly, and the Cap-Sleeved Top is just that, cap-sleeved, so I don't have to do sleeves. I just won't buy any more yarn until next year. I'm already planning the things I want to buy at next year's Stitches. Surely I can find something to do with something from Habu; they were fabulous, interesting, and my favorite...unique. I also need some of that Cestari wool - lovely, and maybe I'll finally break down and spend $20 on a pair of Koigu socks. I know they'd be worth it, but I just hate wearing socks so much, I wish I could think of something else to make that wouldn't cost $150. It's like my mouth waters to touch more yarn - I crave it. Now that I'm rested, I want to go back. But you can never go back. Especially since they've changed the location for next year.

[Oh, isn't that cute? The women's soccer team is singing the National Anthem at the top of their lungs. At least they know the words. I'm always a little bit embarrassed when someone doesn't.]

I got a little bit done on the Cabaret Raglan front today; I'm about a ball and a half in. I better get those extra balls ordered. Since it's such a small order, I can get the shipping for $3, so that's not so bad, I suppose. I've spent the whole night working on DevilSheep; now I'll go try to work on the shawl. I need to get enough done to be worth photographing.

I'm very glad it's Friday. It's been a long, long week.


Teri said...

It *has* been a long week. I've worked harder this week than I have in a long time. Only one more day of work left though. I like the devil sheep. It looks complacently evil. Don't ask me what that means.

Beth said...

Yeah, Teri, you're right. He says "Don't hate me because I'm evil. It's not my fault."