Sunday, August 15, 2004


In my last post, I said that I wouldn't knit any more for a little while. Well, I sort of stuck to that. I made some jewelry, which is technically knitting, but it is a totally different use of muscles. This is what I got done:

Black Onyx set:

Lapis Lazuli necklace:

Rose Quartz bracelet:

Turquoise bracelet:

Remember, if you like any of these, I accept PayPal. Thank you.

And I did do a little actual knitting. I got started on the sleeve for the Cabaret Raglan.
Half a ball into the sleeve:

For most of today I also was smoking a pork butt. It took six hours, and I should have let it cook longer. It was meant to be like shredded barbecue pork, but it wasn't very shreddable. So, I yanked and tugged, and now my right wrist REALLY hurts. Way to go, huh? But I had a lovely dinner, I made cornbread, too, and had watermelon for dessert. I've still been watching the Olympics; summary: girls rule, boys suck. Well, some of the boys are doing ok, but some of them aren't. I wish I had cable, and could watch more of it, but I just get what NBC chooses to broadcast.

Well, I'm going to go hunker down in bed, rest my wrist, and watch the Olympics until they finally choose to stop covering it sometime around eleven.