Saturday, August 14, 2004

Progress on Cabaret Raglan

I live for the Olympics. I hardly ever watch any sports, but I always watch the Olympics. I knit through most of the opening ceremonies (which were amazing, but the lighting of the flame looked like a guy trying to light a giant's cigarette.) Apparently the fire went out for a little while in the middle of the night. How to do they re-light it? Is there a "backup" flame somewhere, or do they just light a match? Today I've been watching the events but also, on PBS, instead of their regular cooking shows (most of which suck) they've been showing Julia and Jacques, so I had to watch that. The result: lots of knitting/tv watching. Here's the documentation:

Two balls done (this morning):

Three balls done:

Raglan decreases detail (I love it!):

And look who's blocking! The completed back:

No more knitting for a while. I think I just gave myself an RSI. But I just couldn't stop. Every so often I get a little excited, and I just fly through a project. Next I need to do a sleeve, because I think I'm short on yarn, and if I can get a sleeve done, I'll be half way, and I'll know how much more I need. I got the yarn from Elann, so I better get moving.

Men's gymnastics is just bizarre. I can't imagine being that strong. Holy smokes!


Teri said...

I tried to post a comment all weekend with no luck. I wonder if it was my Mac or what? Strange.

Anyway, you rock! I'm just amazed at how fast you're cranking that out. It's going to look lovely.

I kinda thought the Olympic cauldron looked like a big joint or something. But it's supposed to represent a large runner's torch. *shrugs*