Wednesday, September 29, 2004

All My Knitty Friends and I Learn To Knit

So many people showed up at Wednesday night knitting! We had three new people, and a few sortof new people and one old friend, and well, just a bunch of people! There were so many of us we didn't even do our usual group introductions, and we didn't even try to show them all of the things we are working on.

This is Nancy and she's showing her in-progress poncho:

Isn't it cute?

One person who showed up didn't even know how to knit, and had no needles or yarn! :o So we found some for her, and taught her how. She was doing pretty good for a new new new knitter, and we showed her some books (Stitch 'n' Bitch, and Sally Melville's books, among others) and we gave her some websites to check out and hopefully she won't forget everything tomorrow. We were so excited to have her, hopefully we didn't overwhelm her.

Here, Nancy is talking to Kristi, who is practicing her new knitting skills:

And here's almost everybody:

And since I didn't do very much knitting, since I love to teach so much, I have a gratuitous FO to share with you. It is the sweater I wore today. I finished it about a year ago, but I was thinking that I hate it and might rip it out, since I never get compliments on it, and no one recognizes it, but this evening was different. Several people recognized it as Caddy's Sweater from "The Knit Stitch" and other people complimented me on it. I joked that it must have known I wanted to frog it, and it was looking good in order to save its life.

Here it is, an FO of old:
It's made from Classic Elite Imagine, a cotton/rayon blend. It says to dry clean it, but I washed it by hand in cold water, and it still looks perfect.


Anonymous said...

Once again, it looks like I missed a gret knit-night! I don't thinkI've seen this sweater before, & I love it! The texture of the yarn is great, with all those color changes! I will definitely be there next week!

Teri said...

Have I seen you in that sweater before? I don't remember...but hey, I think it looks nice.

I found a knitting group last night. Hooray! They seems nice and kooky too!