Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Fuller Moon Becomes Me

Yesterday I had an "off" day and I surmised that it was due to the full moon I spotted on my way to choir rehearsal. Well, today went much better, and the moon is even fuller. (Today is the actual full moon.)

This morning when I got to work there was a voice mail from another recruiter. And I got a call from the first recruiter who wanted me to talk to another person in his office who knew more about the job and the company they had in mind for me. That conversation went well, and he offered that I might not have to move to Beloit, WI, but maybe, [Teri, I'd tell you to sit down, but who uses a computer in their home standing up?] yes, Kansas City! Kansas City would be closer to my family, both in Sioux Falls and Minneapolis, and wouldn't be any farther from Candice and her family (my second family). It would still be far from all of my friends in St. Louis, but it would be closer than Beloit or Sioux Falls was. (And Teri and I could shop at the Yarn Barn EVERY DAY!) The job entails a lot of travel (50%) so it doesn't matter where I would live, I'd just need to have a lab somewhere. Yippee! Then the recruiter I spoke with asked for permission to forward my resume to the woman who would be my boss, and of course I granted it, and she called me late in the afternoon for a little screening interview. I think it went well. I may not be qualified for the job, but I'm sure it depends on who else applies. Anyway, I'll hear in the next few days if I get a real interview or not. I took my Interview Suit to the drycleaners today just in case.

After I got home I called the second recruiter (she's on the west coast) and discussed an opportunity in the northeast. She was kind of kooky. I'm not sure I'm qualified for this job, either, but it doesn't hurt to try. She'd like me to write a cover letter, which I need to do tonight. I haven't had time yet to go out and find my own jobs to apply for - I keep getting calls from recruiters and they give me things to do like write letters and change my resume. I must have good job hunt karma. I'm just more angry now about my current employer, that they haven't allowed me to use my abilities because now I have two and a half years wasted doing nothing to qualify for the next job.

Oh well. I'm going to go find something to knit (after I do my job-hunt homework).


Teri said...

I ell you, Kansas City would be lucky to have you! I know I would.

I really miss my friends lately. It's great that you have a blog so I can keep up with what you are doing. Good luck on the job search!

Stinkerbell said...

Best of luck on the job front! Always good to plan the job to be close to a yarn store you know :)