Monday, September 27, 2004

Ass-Crappy Day

I woke up this morning with a headache. I should have just stayed in bed. I did stay in bed for a while, and didn't get to work until 9:00, but I shouldn't have even done that. By noon I was ready to go home.

Right now I'm in between departments and bosses, and I thought that I was supposed to be done with my old position at the end of September, but I was still being given things to do through October, and I wanted to be sure that was correct, so I sent an e-mail to my boss to ask for clarification. Well, she got all mad at me and told me that I sounded sarcastic and something else. Why would I do that? What does it matter who I'm working for or what I'm doing, I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing. And then she wanted to call everyone else who WASN'T confused, basically to tell them that I was stupid and confused. Why call everyone who understands clearly? Let's make my idiocy a federal case, why don't we? So, like I said, by noon, my headache was worse, and I went home.

After I got home I ate a little, watched two episodes of Ambush Makeover, and made another bracelet. I then fell asleep on the couch and stayed that way for THREE HOURS. I got up and ate a little and then had to go to Bach Society rehearsal. On the way, I was stopped waiting to turn out of my apartment complex, and noticed a full moon. Aha. I had problems at rehearsal, too, but at least I had an explanation.

Oh yeah, and I did some more blocking work on the Cabaret Raglan. The bottom edge was curling up after wet blocking and steam blocking, so I tried steaming it from the underside, too, which helped, but didn't fix it. So I tried lightly ironing it on the back. Still no fix. I'll have to pin it down and steam it really hard from the front, I suppose. I think since it's 50% cotton I'm less able or likely to kill it, right?

As I was leaving for Bach Society I saw that my mailbox was full (the door sticks out a little when there's something inside pushing it out). I thought "Master Knitter Submission" and was wrong. It was just a bunch of ads. Boo. It's been almost three weeks since I sent my re-submit and I still haven't gotten it back. Hopefully by mentioning it here, it'll come tomorrow to make me look impatient. It's just that I had heard a lot of people say that their re-submit didn't take any time at all, and they had it back right away. My re-submit is taking almost as long as my original submission. I anxiously await the mail every day, and am sad when it's Sunday.

One of the ads was this:
A Lion Brand catalog.
As usual and expected, the one word I can use to summarize is loud. It's basically a whole catalog full of the stuff they put in Lion Brand ads. I don't advise you look at the whole thing at once. Take it one page a day or something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth! I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day. It's days like those I always ask myself: "Would I rather have a bunch of bad stuff happen all in one day, or would I prefer it be spread out over a week or month?" I always prefer the "get it over in one big, nasty day" option.
I hope today is better for you!

Tipper said...

I got one of those catalogs, too. Does everything have to have a Fun Fur edging? I gotta admit, though, some things weren't too overwhelmingly horrible. The blankety things, I think, weren't too bad.

Sorry you had such a bad day, but I think things'll definitely look up for you soon. How can they not, when everyone wants to hire you? :)