Thursday, October 21, 2004

All My Knitty Friends and I Are Going To Win The World Series!!!!

Of course, I'm kidding. But we're loyal Cardinal fans, and when we discovered that Imo's Pizza, home of St. Louis-style pizza, was playing music and not the game, well, we did something about it. Actually, Kim just had to ask, and the situation was taken care of relatively promptly. Of course, the score didn't change almost the whole time we were there, but even that was good to know. Later, we found out from another group of people on the other side of the cafe (No, we don't take up the whole place, although we try) that we won.

And when we did arrive at Barnes & Noble, I discovered that while I brought my thrummed mitten to show off, I only brought one needle for the blanket. But that's ok. I went and found some new books to look at like this one: (please ignore the discount stickers, I stole these images from Amazon)
I looked at it a few weeks ago, and thought it was cool, but I didn't really want it. This week I'm in love. Love doesn't have to be at first sight, I've learned. I also noticed this:
I really enjoyed "Zen and the Art of Knitting" and the author, Bernadette Murphy, is the editor of this collection. I read one essay by a teenager which was at the same time amusing and touching, and I look forward to reading the rest.

Last Saturday at Knitorious a woman came in and mentioned this book:
and highly recommended it. It is a cute book, with a good "how-to" section in the front and the projects are grouped by how much time they will take. A lot of them are made from fine fibers, and I'm not sure how they arrived at the time requirements. Suzie picked up that the pictures looked like something from Martha Stewart Living, and lo and behold, she was right. (I can't remember the exact details but somebody involved with the photos was involved with Martha Stewart Living.)

I spent the rest of the evening looking at hair style magazines (nothing good) and eating dessert (very good). With all of this free time you'd think I'd take some pictures. Nope. Didn't even cross my mind. Too bad.


Katherine said...

thanks for the book reviews! it always helps knowing what knitters you know think about books. does that make sense? thanks any way :)

Lauren said...

One thing I don't miss about StL is the "St. Louis style" pizza! Go Cards!!!

Anonymous said...

Beth, Thanks for the clarification on that comment. I know I'm a bit of a minority on this & other opinions, & I usually take everything in stride. Alas, Hurricane PMS has caught up with me this week, though. Sorry if I seemed over-sensitive; I'm REALLY not.
I've got my eye on the knit-gifts book... I may have to take a closer look next week.