Thursday, October 21, 2004

No Knitting, BASEBALL

I feel I need to start documenting what it's like to live in a town whose baseball team is going to the World Series. Because this is nuts.

Every store you go into, and this includes the grocery store, has the games playing on the PA system. (Except Imo's Pizza, see yesterday's post.)

High-rises in the vicinity of the ballpark have huge banners hung on the side closest to the stadium that read "Go Cards" or "Go Cardinals".

They won game seven about 10 minutes ago. There are still men (boys? ok..GUYS) running around outside my apartment complex screaming and yelling. It's really pretty obscene. It doesn't bother me, but if it's continuing two hours from now, then I'll be annoyed, because, really, how long can you yell? And this isn't even The World Series; they're just going. I can't wait to see what happens if they actually win.

I wonder what causes them to spontaneously yell all together again? The game is over, so it's not a good play or something. Fox has moved on to reality-show commercials. Surely there isn't anything to yell about there. I don't get it.

I tell you what, I'm glad I'm not downtown. And I'm glad I'm not in Houston. If we get close to winning the whole shebang, I'm getting out the video camera.


Laura said...

I feel your pain. It was even worse here when the Angels won the world series. For a couple of weeks you either learn to like baseball, or you hybernate. Damn, that was the best sleep I've ever had!

Laura said...

Oh, and don't get me started on 4 years of championship basketball. If I see another purple and gold flag fluttering from all windows of a car it'll be too soon.

jenifleur said...

Sorry, WHATball? I don't follow. I think you're driving at some sort of sport thingy. The only sport I know, NAY, knew, WAS hockey. Since hockey is no more and also since I live in the town that the Stanley Cup forgot, I must say: huh? Please, won't someone hear me? H-O-C-K-E-Y, find out what it means to me! Ok, so it doesn't work, but then that's the lifestory of my one true sports love. nobody cares.

melanie said...

I feel your pain as well, as I'm in Boston. The mister went down to a bar to watch the last game (the Big Game) and came back 10 minutes later saying he'd never see such insanity. I think he walked in the moment someone hit a homerun, so you can imagine the chest bumping. I was actually a little afraid for his safety (but being the good wife, I said "have fun, and don't talk to anyone!"

Anonymous said...

I think that GUYS undergo a physiological change in their brain chemistry when good things happen in the sports world. They become Cromagnum Men. This happened in my very own house. Hubby & four of his closest friends began jumping around, flailing their arms in the air & screaming, hooting, & hollering.
I will definitely break out the vid-cam if the Cards win the W.S.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in downtown Vancouver about 300 metres from the Canucks hockey arena. Nights when we won during the playoffs (even in the quarter finals) folks would be yelling, clapping, high five-ing, and HONKING (oh, the honking) until 3am. I think it's actually kinda fun, it only happens once a year (and some years not at all.) Enjoy it while you can!


Teri said...

Now there's one thing I don't miss about St. Louis.

Oh and Beth...I read knitting blogs to avoid sports. Of course, you'll probably tell me that if I don't like it, I can just update mine. *shrugs*

Stitchy McYarnpants said...

I don't know about there, but here in Boston it is now fashionable to light cars on fire and throw garbage cans through shop windows when your team wins a sporting event. A girl was actually killed Wednesday night after the Red Sox beat the Yankees as police tried to control the crowds. When the Patriots won the superbowl, a guy was killed when someone plowed into a crowd of people with his SUV. People turn into wild animals and it's frightening. I just don't get it and I don't know what will cause a worse reaction, winning or losing the Worls Series. Either way, people go on a rampage and destroy everything in their paths. What is wrong with people?


Jenn said...

I happened to be one of the 52,000+ fans at the game last night. It was an AMAZING experience. I have never experienced so much joviality in my entire life! For 30 minutes after the game was over, no one had left the stadium, and the crowd was cheering just as loud as when Rolen hit his home run to put us on top! Even when we were heading back to the car, complete strangers were hugging and hi-fiving each other as if they were lifelong friends. It was so much fun last night it made me forget that I needed to be up for work in just 6 short hours!!!!

The one thing I truly appreciate about living in StL at a time like this is that you haven't heard about any riots or cars set ablaze or people killed because they were celebrating! Even if you aren't a sports fan, I think this is something to appreciate about St. Louisians.

I look forward to the next 8 days because after they are over, a team - hopefully the Cardinals - will be named World (okay, really just North American) Champions and baseball will be over for another 6 months. That just leaves football, and that's only a 2 days a week until Thanksgiving.

Beth said...


I wasn't going to bring up the not-so-great things that happened in Boston out of sportsmanship. I was a little worried about St. Louis, but apparently we're just happy, not fanatical. Or something. I feel really bad for Boston in a way because I think having bad things like that happen would take away from the happiness that should be going on. St. Louis is like a great big party. A drunken party, but a happy-drunk party, not an angry-drunk party. I'm sure Jenn describes it well.