Wednesday, October 06, 2004

All My Knitty Friends and I ... Didn't Get Our Pictures Taken

Tonight is Wednesday night, and as usual, I stayed too late at Barnes & Noble. We had fourteen people tonight, but we weren't our usual Loud and Noisy, and it felt like a lot fewer. I had my camera but forgot to take a picture, and even if I had remembered, when I got home I realized that I didn't have the memory stick in it anyway. Oh well.

Look what Danielle sent me!

If you'd like one for yourself, click here.
[sigh] I feel so much better now.

The anticipation for my upcoming craft show continues to mount. Between work and dinner-with-all-my-knitty-friends I did a little shopping. Here's a close-up of the huge tablecloth I got to put on the table. See how it's a little shiny?

I think it'll look really fancy and pretty.

And this is my solution to the age-old question "How do I display the earrings?" Naturally, I'll change the photo that's in the frame but I just took an (on clearance!) picture frame, and used thumb tacks to string ribbon across it to hold the earring cards. I'll probably just put some white paper in the frame or I might have some white and shiny white bridal gift wrap. It was suggested that I use velvet. I think black would clash with the blue frame, and I think white would show lint a lot. I like the glass. It's shiny. I like shiny things.

I think it's pretty. My business cards and logo and signs and things are blue, so this will be just lovely. I was so happy to see the "$3.50" sign on that end-cap at Target. I had picked out a similar black frame, but this is perfect. (Now that I think about it, my living room is blue, too. I should go buy more.)

Tomorrow: pictures of the lunch bags and double-sided tape I bought! Yippee!


Gwen said...

The picture frame works great! Very innovative, although you will have to take the picture out. I would think some kind of solid or shiny solid paper behind them.

Good luck next week.

Katherine said...

good luck with the earings beth. The picture frame thing worked a treat!