Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Thank You

Thank you all so much for the praise and adoration, but I should clarify: I am NOT a Master Knitter. I only passed level I. There are two more, and then you can call me a Master Knitter. Only then will I get a certificate, and only then will I get whatever else they give, and go to the TKGA conference to get pinned, etc. For now, I just passed level I. It was a lot of work. I have been knitting for a long time, so most of it I already knew, and it felt like a lot of busy work. If I were less experienced, it would be a wonderful way to learn a lot of important things. I think if I worked through it earlier I would have gained a lot of confidence in a short period of time. As it was, I'm a bit more than an "advanced beginner" which is what they call this level, and I didn't get much out of it. But I had to do it in order to go on to level II. And that didn't stop me from making mistakes and having to re-do some of it.

This morning I was in a meeting to figure out what we're doing since everyone has either been re-assigned or quit. To start, we had to do that "team building exercise" wherein you "interview" the person you're paired with and then you introduce them to the group. My partner asked me what I like to do in my free time, and since I was wearing a sweater I made, I figured I'd better say "I like to knit." Here's another gratuitous FO of old:

It's from Interweave last fall, and was designed by Norah Gaughan. Go figure. It is one of my favorite sweaters. I was glad to see the temperature was 30F this morning, so I had a good excuse to wear it.

Then this afternoon I had a doctor's appointment. Did I bring any knitting? No. Why not? I'm stupid. But I'm lucky, too, because they called my name in less than a minute, and then after the nurse left the doctor came almost right away. Our visit was about five minutes (nothing to diagnose, just a checkup, all systems go) and then I went back to work. What a miracle! I couldn't have gotten any knitting done if I tried!

I'm getting more and more excited about the craft fair every day. Tomorrow I think I'll go shopping before meeting everyone for dinner and pick up a few things I need, like bags and some more tape, and well, that's boring. I'll stop talking about it. At any rate I better get back to jewelry-making so I have a lot of stock!

ps. I got the new Woodland Woolworks catalog today. Nothing new really spoke to me.


Lauren said...

Belated congrats (when are you starting the next level?) and I love the Norah sweater. Gorgeous color. Did you use the Lite-Lopi suggested?

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, Congrats! I'm curious about what kinds of things they made you do over. I'm working on Level 1 right now, and I'm getting absolutely paranoid over whether every stitch looks identical to every other stitch! Were they that particular? I'd like to the Master Knitter thing, but like you, I don't have all that much time! I tried to sign in to blogger for this comment, but had the wrong password, so if you have time to write back to me, I'm Karen M. at Kasturi108@yahoo.com, or http://knitandcontemplation.typepad.com/