Monday, October 04, 2004

Maybe You Didn't Hear Me

I SAID: I got my TKGA Master Knitter Level I re-submits back, and


Now, granted, this is the "Advanced Beginner" level, and you ALL KNOW that I knit at a level far above this, but it was still a lot of work, and I still had to re-do some of it, and it took a lot of time and effort, and I'm to be commended, damn it.

Thank you VERY much to Laura, Teri, Jenn, and Gwen, who recognized this momentous ocassion and took the time out of their busy schedules to send me a little "congratulations". I appreciate it greatly. I expected the kudos to simply pour in, from near and from far, from friends and from strangers, from all points on the globe. But this did not happen. Now I know who my real blog readers are. The rest of you can take your comments elsewhere. Who needs ya'? I didn't get much from the Master Knitter Yahoo Group, either. Did I do something wrong?

I think it's sad that I got more responses and inquiries when I was asking about the creepy bug that I found on the ceiling of my apartment. Perhaps knitters have a latent interest in entymology. Perhaps I should post some more bugs if I want people to talk to me. Apparently doing something impressive won't do the trick. Maybe I'll knit a bug and see what happens.

[Ed. note - naturally, I'm just acting conceited and selfish to be funny. (The last time I did something impressive, Bonne Marie of Chicknits noticed and sent many hundreds of people to my blog. That was COOL.) If you think I AM conceited and selfish, and/or don't think I'm very funny, well, for pete's sake, don't post any comments. Thank you.]
[But I do think it's sad the bug got more attention.]


Katherine said...

glad to hear you passed beth!! I know it is a big deal and i appriciate how hard you worked to get it. Just the mental anguish of having to resubmit can be demoralising and its great that you worked through this and showed them all! sorry I didn't comment when it happened right away but I don't read my favorite knit blogs everyday and I only just found out :)

Anonymous said...

It is funny what gets people to talk, isn't it? I've noticed that in general, I feel guilty when I don't post knitting content, but what gets people talking is human commentary - man stuff, shared life experiences, whatever. Probably the bug tapped into viseral bug horror everywhere

You're much better knitter than I am, tho, so maybe the discrete silence is good manners (this is a joke).

I left you a message the other day but it looks like blogger ate it. So I repeat, I loved your post about good design - you said it!

Teri said...


Dude, you are so denigrating your MASTER KNITTER status by whining for more attention. Poor Beth, you need a gold star or something.

Maybe you should just realize that all those bug lovers are much too intimidated by your glorious abilities to even begin to comment.

p.s. I finally joined TKGA last week so you may have some competition soon

melanie said...

I think you should totally knit the bug from your ceiling. I'm certain that that will bring all the comments you could wish for.

Congrats, Miss Master Knitter!

amy! said...

You know, I didn't start my blog to get comments, but I always feel sad that I never do either.

So congratulations! Once I get organized, I'll catch up with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no one commented because we are all secretly envious of your master knitter status.


Gwen said...

I'm secretly envious and I commented. Beth as usual is forging the path for all of us and we can ride her coattails to Master Knitting status should we so desire. Her expert advice regarding submission would help us all in our quest should we desire to undertake it. Right now, have to get through the baby shower this weekend.

By the way, the Cards game is interrupting a day of work. We are listening to the game and every time the crowd cheers we rush to the windows to look at the 10 sq feet of field we can see trying to figure out what happened...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! You Rock!
master knitting ring mistress

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beth. I'm still working on mine. I have four swatches done. I'm going to go all the way through and then go back and see what needs to be reworked after blocking. Probably feels good to get that done hey?


Danielle said...

Here you go!

Laura said...

Beth: Looks like you've joined the ranks of us comment hos! Well, you're in good company. Again, I think it's pretty awesome that you've achieved this accomplishment. On to level II.