Sunday, September 05, 2004

#2 Complete, still need to do #1

A sleeve in two pieces: (look at all that extra yarn!)

A sleeve in one piece:
(see the one-pound bag of Skittles to the left? Jenn, I blame you*.)

Two sleeves, each an inch shorter: (the one on the right looks darker in the middle, because I wasn't happy with my "invisible" grafting, and thought blocking might help, so it's wet)

An indispensible tool:
(glass of wine) (In the background you can see, again, one-pound bag of Skittles, and a big pile of yarn, and my Chibi needle holder, the Chibi needles being a very helpful part of this project, but not as important as the wine.)

Thank God that's over.

I've never done anything like that before, and while the first one has a "glitch" in it, I don't care; it'll go on the back sort-of under the arm. Julia Child said to "never apologize" and I'm not. The second one went perfectly. I feel good about having to do it in the future. Well, maybe "good" isn't the word. "Confident" would be more what I'm looking for. It was a major pain, but I have a sense of accomplishment, and I'm happier with the sleeve lengths. I don't think I would have done it by choice, but in a way I'm glad I needed more yarn.

*Today I went to a Japanese Festival here in St. Louis with my friends Jenn and Colleen, and their husbands and children (one of each**). We were waiting for a drum concert thing and Jenn got a bag of Skittles from the nearby concession stand and shared. I LOVE Skittles, and can't resist them; Skittles are to me as chocolate is to others. However, I rarely buy them, knowing what a weakness they are for me. So tonight when I was at Target, I didn't even think twice; I went straight to the candy aisle and picked up a one-pound bag, because I have a problem. Could I have purchased a small, one-serving-size bag? No. Because I have a problem. Could I have purchased the "travel cup" size? No. Because that would be un-economical. Because I have a problem, but that's a different problem - low cash flow. Besides, I think the one-pound bag was on sale. (And I would have felt compelled to keep the cup because it's made of a rather sturdy plastic, and I'm that kind of person, but who needs a Skittle cup?)

**In case you were wondering how many husbands my friends have.


Katherine said...

you crazy gal you! I love the mandatory glass of wine for such strenuous knitting procedures. What a headache - a very honourable knitting thing indeed!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i find skittles help tough situations as well. especially the red ones. i'm so jealous of the st. louis knit night. when i lived there ('98-'02 at washu) i never met a single knitter!