Saturday, September 04, 2004

Heaving a Sigh for the Cabaret Raglan

In good news, the second sleeve is complete and blocking:

In "other" news, I'm almost out of yarn. I need enough to do the collar, which is only four rows, but I'm cutting it very close. I don't want to buy ANOTHER ball for just a few yards, so...Solution: take an inch from each sleeve. You see, I wouldn't mind the sleeves being a bit shorter, and if I take out an inch, that should take care of the extra yarn I need. However, that's kind of a pain. Oh yes. Quite a pain.

So, while I have all four pieces complete at this point, and if everything had gone as planned, I'd be seaming first thing tomorrow, I still have the following to do:

1. Re-do the bodice on the front. The mistake is bothering me, and if I'm going to go through the trouble of #2, I'm not going to have a big mistake in the bodice.
2. Take out an inch from each sleeve, and kitchener back together.
3. Seam raglan seams.
4. Knit collar.
5. Seam sides and sleeves.

Thank goodness it's a three-day weekend, however, I'd like to spend it doing something other than fixing mistakes. Boo. If I apply myself, maybe I can get it done early tomorrow. Then it's back to the Madli's Shawl.


Katherine said...

do you block your pieces before seeaming? is this better to do than the whole piece a the end? I always have this feeling that if I block first the seaming will be harder - am I crazy?!?

Beth said...

Katherine, you are not crazy. But I'm not sure how blocking before would make seaming more difficult. A lot of people do it either way, here's why/in what situations I do it before:

1. If a piece is blocked, it curls less, and is easier to seam, you don't have to keep straightening it out to match up the edges.

2. The Cabaret Raglan, being a raglan, will be difficult to block to the schematic once it's seamed. It doesn't lay out at right angles, so it's difficult to get the seam length right, etc.

3. I like to block before, if possible, because then I know each piece is the correct size, and things should line up correctly. i.e. I won't have to stretch or smoosh to get the sleeves to fit in the armscyes.

It depends on the sweater, naturally. Some curl a lot, some don't at all. Some schematics are given for the completed sweater, some given for the pieces. It's really a matter of preference, but those are the reasons I do it the way I do.