Saturday, September 04, 2004

Blowing my Promotion Money/Cabaret Raglan Progress

Look what I bought yesterday:

I LOVE this: see how the right shoulder crosses? It's knit in two pieces, front and back, not four.

And this I like:

And this too: (the bodice and cuffs are crocheted)

There are a few others I like too, but these are my favorites. I ordered another Adrienne Vittadini book from Patternworks, too. I'll give a full critique when it arrives.

And I bought the new Knitters. Usually I don't, but this one was something of a souvenir, since I saw a lot of the pieces in person at Stitches, and there are a few patterns I like. I haven't really decided yet on the whole poncho trend, but I love this:

But I'll probably never make it. I would need the whole outfit to make it work, I think. Maybe if I did it in black and grey....But this I will make:

In other news, I got the extra yarn I needed for the Cabaret Raglan, and last night was bound and determined. By 9:00 this morning it was blocking:

Detail of the front bodice:
I just noticed a mistake. I don't want to re-do the whole thing. It was a pain. Is it obvious? Feedback is welcome...please tell me you don't see it....oh, I feel a bout of perfectionism coming!


Teresa said...

Wow! That sweater is going to be gorgeous!!! And, no, I don't see any mistakes!!!! You do a great job... I have the same taste in sweaters as you! :-)

Katherine said...

yeh beth no visable mistakes it looks amazing! you are such a talented knitter. I totally adore that blue and white intarsia pattern - its soo out there!! All those designs looks great

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love those Adrienne Vittadini sweaters. May I be a pesky commenter and ask which book they're from?

Your Cabaret Raglan looks very nice. I always enjoy seeing the great work you do.


Beth said...

Thanks for the support, guys, but now that I see it, I can't stand it. I'm going through so much trouble with the sleeves, I want the bodice to be "perfect" too. I'm going to have to rip. Dang.

The book is AV Spring 2004. It has 13 patterns (two are for shells and cardigans) and cost US$11.00 at my LYS.