Thursday, September 02, 2004

Veni, Vedi, Vici - again

Yeah, yeah, I know, another crappy picture of the half pinned-out shawl:

This evening a miracle occurred. Actually, late this afternoon, and this evening. Anyway, I took the shawl to the laundromat to push my luck. I had done a row or two at work, even though I didn't put in the lifeline after the repeat I finished yesterday, and I continued at the laundromat. While at the laundromat, I completed an entire repeat, WITHOUT MAKING ANY MISTAKES. Yes, you read that right, I didn't have to tink a single stitch. Then later on in the evening, I worked on it some more, and still didn't make any mistakes. So now I've done two repeats in a row with no ripping out. It goes a lot faster that way. But I better put in a life line, because if I had to rip all that out, it would break my heart.


Jenn said...


I love seeing the shawl develop. Maybe someday I'll feel brave enough to attempt something as intricate-looking as this shawl...someday waaaaaaay down the road!

BTW, congrats on your promotion - that is fantastic news, especially in the current job market!!!!

Katherine said...

the shawl looks great beth! btw I am assuming alife line is some sore of thread through the stiches so its easy to put the sts back on the needle?? :/

Beth said...

Thanks you guys! Jenn, I'm so glad you're reading my blog and enjoying it, and I love getting comments from you. And Katherine, yes, a life line is a thread or smooth yarn in a contrasting color that you thread through your stitches at a point where you know everything is right. That way, if you have to rip, you only have to rip back that far, and all of the stitches will be held by the lifeline. This is particularly useful when you're knitting lace, and the yarnovers make it next to impossible to find your way back. I put a post about this on the Madli's Shawl knitalong, if you'd like to read more. There's really not that much to it, though, I just describe in more gut-wrenching detail why you should do it.