Thursday, September 02, 2004

What Is The Matter With Me?

Today is Wednesday, and that means Barnes & Noble Knitting Night. But I forgot my camera at home, so I don't have pictures of all of our smiling faces. It was an average night at B&N, maybe 10 of us? The only picture that probably would have been taken anyway would have been a picture of me concentrating (and not talking!) over my shawl. I dared to try to work on it, and I was going for almost 4 rows without a hitch, until I found a mistake. An unidentifiable mistake. A mistake a few rows back. How does that happen? How can I mis-count that often? I'm so careful, but apparently not careful enough. Aarrgh. But I got it back to where I knew it was ok, and stopped and had a yummy Double Chocolate Cupcake and some lovely herbal tea, and sat a few chairs down from where I had left the shawl. By the time I was done with my snack and chatting with Teri (for the last time on a Wednesday, probably), it was time to go. When I got home I tackled it again, and had a snag-free trip to this:
Another repeat completed:

It's not a great picture, I just pinned out a little bit so you could see. It's not stretched enough horizontally. When I am tinking it, I hate it and want to throw it in the garbage. When I see it like this, I love it, and want to stay up all night to work on it.

Shawl, thy name is Moby Dick.


Katherine said...

looks great beth!! double choc cupcakes **drool** is there anything better than chocolate and knitting?! Mayby chocolate, knitting and drinking? power on with the shawl the repeat looks really impressive

Katherine said...
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