Tuesday, August 31, 2004

So Tired

Today I had to stay at work until 7:00, which is normal for some people, but not me. I was making yogurt, and one of the batches took a long time to ferment, and then I had to homogenize it and clean the homogenizer. Yes, cleaning the homogenizer is as big of a pain as it sounds like it would be. But while I was waiting for it to ferment I got a few rows done on the Madli's Shawl. After work, I came home, got something to eat, called my parents to tell them about the promotion, and then sat down and finished the first repeat.

It doesn't look like much this way, but you can see my progress. I moved one of the life lines up, but things are going better now, I think. I still make mistakes sometimes, but I think my problem is that I don't always watch what I'm doing, and the yarn is dark so it's hard to see. I don't make mistakes in the pattern as much as I don't complete a stitch correctly because the yarn and pattern is so different from anything I've done before - it doesn't work the same way when I'm not looking, it's so loose.

While I worked on the shawl, I listened to some Barenaked Ladies and was reminded that you are all on a quest to find me a substitute for Ed in order to save his marriage. So far, the search has been fruitless; actually, the search really doesn't exist, since no one has been brought forth as a possibility. Let's get on it, people!

Speaking of Ed, one of my favorite bras broke today. Right in the middle in the front. It was the kind that had clear plastic straps. Good thing it didn't happen at work!

I read a message from someone today who had gotten their Master Knitter Level I submission back in two weeks! I got my confirmation postcard almost two weeks ago, so now I'm feeling that little nervousness again. I had almost forgotten about it until I read that. But she said she passed on the first try, even though there were some critiques. Hopefully that will happen for me.


Katherine said...

I love that you are the 'Sultana of Bills' Beth this really cracked me up! Congrats on the promotion too! Hurrah!! I also love the 'touched by fame' alison. I really love her blog and her projects but alas I am only one of the little bloggers. Still props to you for your olympic effort :)

Teri said...

Perhaps I should set you up wih my boss (now former boss) after all. His name is Ed. It seems almost poetic, doesn't it?

Never mind the fact that he's 51.

Okay, the movers will be here anytime so I suppose I should turn off the computer and get a move on. Later!