Monday, August 30, 2004

What a Day, What a Day and More Blogger Fame

1. I went to the local grocery store to pick up the cases of soymilk I had to get for work. I specifically told them on the phone that I needed two cases each of two flavors of the regular, and two cases of one of the light flavors. When I got there this morning, all they had was light. Why didn't they just tell me they didn't carry the regular on the phone? The world may never know. Just one more reason for me to not shop at that store.

2. I get to work (with only two cases of soymilk) and there's a message on my voicemail from my boss in Geneva. She sounds happy, no problem. She calls me back in a little while, and it's good news: I finally got my promotion! And it's retroactive to July. I actually said "Yippee!" on the phone. She's been telling me "it's in the works" for five months. FINALLY. I'm patient, but I'm not freakin' Job. It's a whopping 5%, which sucks, and wasn't really worth the wait, but it's better than the big fat nothing I had before, and now my title doesn't suck quite as much. I'm not the absolute bottom of the totem pole, in name, at least. It means about $90 a month more in take-home pay. Which for me, Sultana of the Many Bills, is a good amount. I'll take it. It could be worse, I suppose. (But it could be better, too.) Fun fact: I got my paycheck stub in the mail on Saturday even though I get paid tomorrow, the last day of the month. I didn't open it because "it always says the same thing".

3. This afternoon I went to mix up some stuff that needed to be refrigerated overnight for me to use tomorrow, and two of my colleagues had taken one of the ingredients I needed, used it all, and didn't get any more! How rude! So I had to hop in my car at 3:30 and go to the grocery store. They're lucky it was something I could just go buy, and not something I had to order. That really pissed me off. I used the company grocery store card to buy the non-fat dry milk I needed, plus two cookies and a candybar. So there.

4. Screwed up the first row of the middle section of the Madli's Shawl. What is the matter with me? It was easily fixed, but still...

5. I had choir rehearsal tonight. Last week they took our pictures, and I looked terrible for several reasons. This week I asked Joel to re-take my picture because I have make-up on and my hair is down, etc. He had the pictures from last week printed out, but I hadn't even looked at mine, because I knew it was terrible. Get this - we went over to check it out, and he was all ready to protest that it wasn't "that bad", and that he didn't need to re-take it. But he immediately admitted that this one was much better. The original was that bad.

6. I have again been touched by blogger fame. Alison, of The Blue Blog, the "Voted Most Likely to Succeed" of all knitting blogs, posted on my blog! She had written an entry on her blog asking for reports on what we knitted during the Olympics (Monday, Aug 30), and since I actually finished the entire back of a sweater within the first 24 hours of the Olympics, I figured it was worth reporting. It also entered me in a drawing to win some cool yarn, and you know how I love free yarn. (Actually, I've never really gotten free yarn, but I know I would love it!) So she took a look at my blog, and posted a comment. She likes my neck warmer idea. Now I just have to lure in the Yarn Harlot, and I'll think I'm too good for my friends anymore.


Gwen said...

Congratulations on your promotion!!! I know it's something you've been working towards for a long time!!!! You are so cool. Being the HR Guru that I am, 5% for a promotion is good in this day and age. If you were getting promoted at the same time as you got your merit increase, most companies will give the merit increase + 5% for promotion.

Beth said...

Ok, I suppose. But it felt so good to be grumpy about it. I used to get around 10% at Citibank, so I guess I was spoiled. Oh well. I guess I won't be indignant today. I'll have to find some other fun emotion to have. Maybe perturbed; that's my favorite because it's fun to say.