Monday, October 18, 2004

I Wasn't There

I feel so left out. I didn't go to Rhinebeck. I don't have any pictures of fiber or fellow knit-bloggers. I don't have stories of yarn-induced euphoria or working on a new sweater for the occasion until the wee hours. I live several hundred miles away, and even if I could scrape up the money to get there, I wouldn't have any left to buy anything. But that's ok. I'm glad everybody had fun.

What I did this weekend, while everyone else was fondling and drooling, was perform in the first concert of the season for the St. Louis Bach Society. We performed Mozart's Requiem (the one he was working on when he died) and Haydn's "Mass In A Time of War". I think we did pretty well. I couldn't really hear us; I was in the front row on the left surrounded by basses, but the audience gave us a standing ovation at intermission, so I think they must have liked it.

Introducing the EZ blanket:

It's the blanket I'm making with the yarn I got at the guild meeting, and it's a pattern described by Elizabeth Zimmerman in her Knitting Workshop series. It's made with short rows in garter stitch and when I finish this first square, I'll do it three more times to make a big square, and then I'll finish it with an I-cord trim. It's really fun to see it come together. When it's done, I'll give it back to the guild for Project Linus, one of my favorite charities. However, I refuse to call it "the charity blanket" because I should care just as much about it as everything else I make, and I do.

Some more thrumming has been going on:
I can tell that the first two rows I did are thicker than the last three, but I think it's ok. I'll keep this pair for myself, and no one will ever know. I'm trying to make the thrums bigger without making them thicker in the middle. But I don't seem to have used a lot of the roving; I'm no longer worried about not having enough. It may be a while before I'm done, though; my fingers start to hurt after making very many thrums, and if I get blisters, then I won't be able to knit at all! And heaven knows I have enough other projects to work on.

At dress rehearsal Friday night, one of my fellow singers complimented me on the sweater I was wearing, and I replied "Thank you, I made it myself." Well, it turns out she knits too, but has been out of the loop for a while. So guess who's going to get her up to speed? I'm going to fill her in on everything she's missed on the internet, and get her to come to a Guild meeting. Isn't that exciting? I can be contagious even with people who don't knit, so this should be easy. See why I'm a Knitting Goddess?


Laura said...

I too had a weekend filled with classical music: The American Youth Symphony's performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Never really sat down and listened to that one all the way through. I'm more of a fan of Beethoven's piano and string concertos. Also got to hear my SD kick ass in the 4th movement, "Ode to Joy". She was one of the guest soloists.

What voice do you sing? Mozart's Requiem was one of my faves when I was an opera/music minor in college. I'm mainly a Boroque gal myself, Bach and Handel being my faves to play and to sing

Laura said...

Oooh! You should get your fellow vocalist into knit blogging!

Congrats on a performance well-done! Mozart's Requiem isn't the easiest to sing. Hell, any Mozart is a challenge.I've alway said, Mozart is to vocalists as Chopin is to pianist, meticulous and complicated, but oh! so beautiful once mastered! (I hit enter on my last post on accident) Eh, who couldn't use an extra comment here or there, anyhow?