Saturday, October 16, 2004

My First Day

Today was my first day of work at Knitorious. It was so much fun. I got to knit a swatch, and put some labels on things, and help some people. Suzie came in to visit. A guy came in with a scarf he had made, but needed to know how to weave in the ends, and how to block it. He left with yarn to make another scarf. I got to teach someone to purl, whom had learned to knit last week. She was very grateful and excited about her first project - a sweater. I fixed the faucet in the bathroom so the "H" means hot and the "C" means cold (instead of the other way around), and I got to use the new swift and ball winder. We did one ball of Kureyon and another ball of microfiber ribbon from Tess' Yarns. It's beautiful, but slippery, and comes in a big hank. It was tricky, and we had to pretty much get it into a ziploc bag immediately, but it's done. Sandy said that since she knows we can do it, she's going to stock it. Yummy!

I left work to to go Opera Workshop rehearsal, and then I stopped at the grocery store. I was so happy to see these:

They're Big Giant Fuji Apples. They had them for a long time, and then they were gone. They're back. The plate in this picture is one of my dinner plates. The three of them together weigh almost two and a half pounds. And, since I went through the self-checkout lane, and they didn't have any PLU code stickers on them, I had to ring them up as regular Fuji apples, which are only a dollar a pound. They are crunchy and juicy and enormous and I Love Them.

After work, I bought the necessary needles to continue on the thrummed mittens.

Here I am thrumming:

OH! No! That's a picture of me strumming.

Here's a picture of my progress:

Look at all that poofy goodness. It's wonderfully soft and, well, poofy! I think I'm making the thrums too thick, but they look ok, so I'm not going to re-do it. Twisting them takes more work than I thought it would. They just pop back unless you really twist them hard and move them around. Maybe if I make them smaller it will be better. And I started out working the thrums so that as I knit them they were over the working yarn, and they look much better if they're under the working yarn. They make much prettier little hearts.


Gwen said...

The thrummed mittens look so cool!!!!!

Suzie said...

The thrumming (is that a word?) looks great already. The mittens will look so cool when they are finished.

Katherine said...

I'm down with the mittens beth! the heart are very cute! p.s the salad dressing is not thick at all!! this is what really astounds me :?

Teri said...

While I'm commenting on back entries, I may as well as ask your opinion on the microfiber. I'm going to wind mine soon...very soon. Do you think a yarn bra would help or should I stick with a ziploc bag?

Beth said...

Ziploc bag! Ziploc bag!

That ball was about to explode in my hands. A yarn bra would only make the ball explode in two directions instead of all directions. I'd put it in a ziploc bag as close to the size of the ball as you can, and pray.