Friday, October 15, 2004

It's a Secret

What is this?

Nothing. It's just something I made. It's done in the round, but with straight needles. No, I'm not telling. Not until I figure out how to cast on better. But how cool is that?

And this is a picture of the not-yet-thrummed mittens. It's time to go on to the stockinette, but I am NOT doing them with straight needles, and I need a set of DPNs in a size six, which I will purchase tomorrow from Knitorious on my first day of work.

Another knitty friend of mine has jumped into the knit-blogger ocean: Suzie at JollyGoodKnits. Suzie has a lot of cool stuff she's gotten at thrift shops and estate sales. She's always finding interesting new/old patterns and great yarn. Go say hello!


Teri said...

Okay, well that's why noone commented. Because you hinted that it's a secret. See? We're all respecting your privacy. Yeah, that's the ticket.

So what the hell is it? And how'd you do it? Tell me, tell me, tell me!