Tuesday, October 26, 2004

To Teri:

Ok, Ok. Here it is:
Hope you like it. It should actually not go right up to the edge - the sheep tails should be about 1/4" in from the edge. Go to my CafePress store if you'd like one everybody!

And Teri not only asked for a clock, but also for more details about the OperaOne performance. It's not as exciting as it sounds, I think. It's a large part of "Trial By Jury" (by Gilbert & Sullivan - very funny!), but we cut out a lot of it. It is staged, but we don't have elaborate costumes or anything. I play a bridesmaid, and we are all wearing springy flowery dresses, and we'll all have bouquets, for example. We're just doing one song from "Patience" but I sing the part of Patience, and there are other ladies around me who sing a little background thing. It's also staged, and I need an apron (the kind that ties around the waist, probably) so that I look a little like a milk maid. Then everybody involved will also sing our own arias, but they aren't staged or costumed, we're just going to stand and sing by ourselves. I'm singing "Batti, Batti o Bel Masetto" from Don Giovanni, and the part is Zerlina. In this scene Zerlina has been "caught" with Don Giovanni (she wasn't wooed, but close...) by Masetto, her fiance. In this aria she says "Punish me, Masetto, and then we'll make peace." The title means "Hit me, hit me, oh handsome Masetto." I affectionately refer to it as "The Spank Me Song", and I don't think Mozart would object. She's very coy, and it's fun to sing, and it sounds really good in my voice. (So does the song from Patience, "I Can Not Tell What This Love May Be", by the way, while I'm being cocky.)

Teri, there will be a video tape made, which I might share, but you locals better show up, because we've taped in this church before, and the tape will not do it justice.

Has anyone else experienced the strange irony that is wearing pants with freshly-shaved legs?


Teri said...

I love it! I just ordered one. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

I do wish that I could see your performance in person. I guess you'll just have to imagine my standing ovation, okay?

Gwen said...

Why does everything I want to do end up on the same day. The Alpha Phi HCB is meeting on 11/7 from 2-5pm and, although trying to see if I have to go since I'm not the committee chair, it looks as if I have to attned. So, therefore, I'm missing your Opera Workshop and a going away party for a friend, because I have to leave at noon to drive to Columbia. Ugghhh.