Thursday, October 28, 2004

Oh well...

The neighborhood is quiet this evening.

Part of me feels generous and says "They've been waiting for such a long time, and it's good to spread the wealth." The other part of me says "They're used to waiting. They can wait longer." Oh well. The Red Sox have a ton more fans because they're the perennial underdogs, so there are a lot more happy people tonight than there would be if the Cardinals won, but we'll see how long it is before it's not as cool to be a Red Sox fan. I wonder how long it'll be before kids who don't know say "you mean you were a fan because they DIDN'T win? I don't get it." Anyway, I feel like giving all of those Cardinals a big hug and saying "Thanks for doing your best. We appreciate it." (If any of you Cardinals are reading this, please leave your phone number in the comments, and we'll work something out.)
That's all I have to say about that.

In case you weren't positive that I am a mad scientist, here's proof. The sink in my lab today:
and the floor of my lab. Actually, I just got a shipment of yogurt culture, which is shipped frozen in dry ice, so I had to get rid of it in the sink. But it looked really cool, and I wanted to share.

Current status of the EZ blanket:
Over 3/8 done. I've been working on it a lot, since it's pretty simple and pretty portable. Hopefully I'll have some free time this weekend. Please! I need some free time! I'm melting!

[p.s. I added some real-people-sized stuff to my CafePress store. I had some requests, and didn't realize how small that junior stuff is! Yikes! But go check it out.]


Chris said...

Ohhhh, your dry ice made me giggle! I'm a mad scientist, too, and in a previous lab when we would get dry ice we'd pour it in the sink with dish soap and hot running water and pretend to be Bon Jovi in concert (ya know, fog machine and all).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your lab looked a little ominous. Just in time for Halloween!
I'm interested in the blanket you're working on... I don't think I've really gotten a good look at it. Will you bring it with you next Wed. night?