Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Wish I COULD Forget

If you read yesterday's post, you may recall that the weekend wasn't going exactly as I would have liked, and here is a knitty example of exactly how wigged-out I was. When I got home from work on Saturday this was in my mailbox:

It came in a plastic bag with a page covering the entire cover and a brochure about the design contest. I set it on the table in my entryway and forgot about it. I didn't even open it. Until much, much later in the evening. Granted, Cast On has had good issues and bad lately, but I still like to see what they have even if it is a model wearing a sweater with a hood backwards on the cover.

A sweater, with a hood, worn backwards, on the cover. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right, and you can see the picture for yourself. Now, I try to be nice on here, and I rarely ever post a project just to make fun of it, but I just don't get it. It's a cardigan with a zipper. She would have to have someone help her to put it on that way. Plus, the sweater is made out of very bulky yarn, and has bobbles big enough to store spare change in, so it looks like the model is Barbie and her poor little girl dressed her funny. The proportions are all off. And THE HOOD IS IN THE FRONT! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? And there's a bolero that needs a good haircut they show backwards, too. I was surprised they didn't have an article: "Double Duty: Wearing It Backwards".

But this is cute:
Not exciting, but cute.

And I like this, except I would make it out of a smooth yarn because believe it or not, there is a stitch pattern in there, and I think the fringe would look better in a plain yarn.
Cast On hasn't quite figured out the concept of "Too Much Going On" and often shows projects with stitch detail or lace in mottled or variegated yarn, which just ruins it.

And I do like this:
They have another picture of it with some sort of fur boa/wrap thing, which is god-awful ugly, but this shot is cute. It's not the sweater's fault it was shown with a dead animal.


Anonymous said...

The hood is backwards because if you wear that fugly sweater, you'll want to be able to hide your face in an instant...
What is up with the knitmags lately? Except for IK, I'm having a hard time finding cute things in any of them. Oh well. Maybe that's a sign for my inner designer to emerge!

Lauren said...

Wow. I mean, just wow.
Bobbles are such a pain to make. That sweater would be torture along every step.

Teri said...

I recently learned that TKGA has no say in what goes in the magazine...that it's all out-sourced or something to that effect. Which is really a shame.

But thanks for posting this. That's exactly the sort of thing I've been missing. Oh, and this issue was my first issue as a TKGA member. Pretty sad, huh?

jenifleur said...

I tell you, any magazine representing a MASTER Knitting Program should contain only the cream of the crop. I'm so shocked by how dorky this mag is. And it being outsourced is something that's only come up relatively recently (last couple years?) from what I understand. Some people actually claim it's better since they were corporationized. ::shudder::

I actually like the grey cable set that's been in the last two issues, but I'm afraid it would make me look even bigger than I am... Let's say I won't be renewing, $25 is too much to pay for a magazine I don't use.

Gwen said...

Bring it tomorrow night, we can always use a good laugh. I must see in person.

Minniegirl said...

My husband and I got a good laugh at that stupid hoodie. Here's a man's perspective:

Dear hubby: What's with all the bumps? Maybe it's supposed to represent nipples? Is it a mistake? Is that a hood in the front? She's too cute to need to put a hood over her face.

Me: It comes with the membership (felt a need to explain why I was bothering with this magazine)