Tuesday, November 09, 2004

All My Problems Solved

What a relief. I've been wondering what I should do with my life, and now it all seems so clear. This will make it all fall into place, because I am a sexy liberal American.

If the map looked like this:
I would be SO there. I've thought this often, and not just in the past week.

Canadians are about the funniest people on earth, and that's important to me. Unfortunately, they're also some of the coldest people on earth, and I like me some sunny beaches and stifling humidity. I've had enough snow to last the rest of my life, and I don't need any more.

Unless you're Ed. I'd go anywhere for you, honey.


Teri said...

C'mon Canada isn't exactly igloo country, you know. Besides...aren't you from the Dakotas or something? There are parts of Ontario that have really great weather.

Of course, I'd follow Steven to the ends of the earth myself so I can understand that.

Gwen said...

Teri'd have to fight me for Steven. She's already got a guy anyway. That site is hilarious. My curiosity got the best of me, I had to look at the profile. An odd mix of 22 year old boys that want a "Hottie" and 56 year old widows looking to get some all offering free Health insurance if you bring your 401K.

amy! said...

You should hang around after a show sometime and meet the guys, they often come out to pose for pics with fans. Ed's amazing to talk to. He looks at you with those really blue eyes, and you feel like you're the only person on earth. Doesn't matter how many times you meet him, it always hits you in the gut. And he's super nice and always makes sure that if you wait for hours after a show, he spends a little moment with you.

And reading your post about their urging fans to vote, they have really strong opinions. Read their blog: http://www.bnlblog.com

Okay, sorry for my temporary (constant) BNL insanity, back to knitting.

Katherine said...

tell me about it!!! I hate that whole "down under" in australian bullcrap!! we are not down under anywhere!! there is no top and bottom to the earth we are floating in space. if anything australia is the up over!! yes thats it!