Friday, November 05, 2004

Over Before It Began

Ok. I hate politics, and I'm just as sick of it as anyone else, but this is stupid on a completely different level. I got this in the mail today:
You open it up to a bunch of crap about Tom Daschle.

But wait, isn't Tom Daschle from South Dakota? Which would make John Thune from South Dakota to run against him, and don't you live in Missouri Beth, and isn't THE ELECTION OVER, like, two days ago?

I mean, really. Give me a break. Please. I'm begging you...

They said that over $80 a person was spent on campaigning in South Dakota. I would have rather had the cash.

ps. I didn't get anything from Daschle. Apparently somebody in his camp decided it wasn't worth the dough to send ads to people registered to vote in OTHER STATES!