Wednesday, November 03, 2004

...And Half of Us Don't Want You To Be President

We had a fun night of knitting at Barnes & Noble, and had a good turnout for chinese food at Sesame. Yum, yum, and I have more than enough for lunch tomorrow. I love doggie bags. They make lunch so easy.

Look! Suzie finished her sweater. None of us knew this because she hasn't blogged about it.

Now, if you were Suzie, wouldn't you have blogged about this about the second you finished it? Isn't it your new favorite sweater of Suzie's? Beautiful. Go check out her blog and see the vintage pattern she used.

This is Elizabeth and a cool sock she's knitting:

This is Mary Ann carefully arranging a scarf she's making out of some yarn I definitely envy her for.

It's from Artfibers, and it's simply spectacular. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's largely silk, so it's sort of shiny, but it also has a color variation that makes it look really shiny. It's hard to describe, and amazing.
She was recently in San Francisco, and got to visit.

Yarn Envy. I tell you what.


Teri said...

Thanks for this post, it made me feel a lot better. At each picture I was waving *Hi Suzie* *Hi Elizabeth* *Hi Mary Ann*

I have my new YarnEnvy clock! If I have time tonight, I'll take a picture and but it on my journal.

*Hi Beth*

Katherine said...

wow! that scarf is awsome!! I love the lace and colour too and the shinyness!!