Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Am So Good

Yesterday I pondered when the new IK would come out because it seemed like it should be any day. Guess what came in the mail today?

Teri requested yesterday that I keep her posted on the latest magazine trashing that we always do at Barnes & Noble. Well, I don't know how effective that will be without the magazines themselves to show, and I'd hate to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'll certainly review what I like!

I like this:

And I think this is Spec TAC u lar!

So pretty!

And a good men's sweater. I usually don't like any of them, especially for an actual man to wear, but I can see this:

And so cute! (But I don't need any excuses to make it.)

I'll probably take a lot of hints from this for my own backpack that I'm still going to make someday. I really like the construction.

And some more progress on the EZ blanket:
There are a few more rows before I'm 3/4 done, but I'll most certainly get past that tomorrow night, so I thought I'd post a picture anyway. I really like how this is coming together, even if it's taking forever. Maybe someday I'll make another in a prettier yarn. We'll see how the i-cord edging goes. I'm anticipating difficulties.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Beth! I really like the blanket you're working on; it's very cool. But I'm not sure I "get" how you're getting those triangles. Could you bring it tomorrow night & show me?

Gwen said...

You picked out pretty much the same ones as me. Good stuff in this magazine. I have a feeling that baby sweater will be on needles before too long...


consomme said...

Your blankie looks nice and the construction seems interesting. I like the patterns you picked from IK too, especially the second picture with the lady sitting on a stool. Is the skirt knitted and did they provide the pattern for it? I did not realise that IK has such lovely patterns. Unfortunately, it's not available in Malaysia... sigh...

Katherine said...

I love that back pack. one of the nicer ones I've seen :)