Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ready for tomorrow? I'm not. Boo.

I've got mine. Have you got yours (if you have one)?

And progress on the EZ blanket: 5/8 done.
I stayed home from work today to get some stuff done around the house, and got a lot of knitting done. I actually have a good part of the next triangle done, but I'll take a picture at the next milestone, which I'll probably hit sometime tomorrow. For some reason I'm working on this more than anything else. It may be that I just want to have it done, it may be that it's easy work. I'm not sure. It's not soft yarn so I know that it's not the sheer enjoyment of it.

While home today I also did some research on the local candidates. Slim pickin's I tell you what. But I did my best to be educated, so I wouldn't just randomly pick the candidates that belong to the same political party I do. And for some races, I'm not voting for anyone. Blech. Let's all hope for a better day tomorrow than we had four years ago. This is one of those times when I'd like to just fast-forward a week or so and skip it all.

I can't end this on an icky note like that, so I'll say something about knitting. I'm still looking forward to knitting something from the Scarf Style book. I found a few yarns at Knitorious on Saturday and I can think of a few others around town. But I have enough projects as it is. I must resist. Oh, but it's so hard. I want to make the spiral one for my voice teacher, I love the painted mohair lace one, I also like the crocheted trellis/rose scarf made with cotton chenille. I like the one with the beads that make pleats - it's really interesting. I'm sure I'm forgetting some more, too.

And when is the next Interweave going to be out? Anybody know?


Lauren said...

Some people have already found the new IK. My brother gets me a subscription every year and it starts anew at the winter issue, which I don't usually get until the end of December:(

Gwen said...

Website says IK will be out 11/8. My plan for the evening includes working on 5 + day baby blanket and not turning on the TV. I'm so sick of election coverage, but I did haul myself out of bed early to wait for 45 minutes in the rain to vote.

Teri said...

I voted on a touch screen this morning. Weird.

Hey, I never know when new knitting mags are out and I don't get to make fun of Knit n Style anymore. The perils of knitting in a coffee shop instead of a bookstore. I'd actually have to buy the magazine to poke fun at the atrocities inside. And we'll be having none of that, thank you very much.

So please post about the magazine talk on Wednesday nights...cause I really miss that. Almost as much as I miss all of you.