Thursday, December 02, 2004

All My Knitty Friends and I Finish Our Objects -or- I'm Going to Culinary School!!!

I have many many finished objects to show you of my own and others, but first I just have to tell you that approximately 200 times a day I say to myself "I'm going to culinary school!!!" It's so exciting. I can barely stand it. I walk around with a kooky smile on my face, and strangers think I'm crazy. I'm still not sure how I'll pay for it, but that'll work itself out. Everyone seemed very supportive tonight at Wed night knitting.

Here's my own finished object - the Booga-esque Bag (all together now, with handles)

I'm going to add something to the bottom to stabilize it, and then it'll be put into use. I take comfort in the fact that if I ever get stuck in the snow and am stranded, I can use it as a warm hat. (I talked to one of the professors/chefs at school yesterday and asked about where to get the uniform. I forgot to ask if I get to wear a hat. I hope I get to wear a cool hat to go with my cool culinary school uniform.)

This picture was taken a few weeks ago:
a big pre-felted foot thing (held by creator, Nancy)

And the "after shot":
big post-felting foot things (held by creator, Nancy, but not covering her face this time)

Ahhh, big felted foot things - Christmas is in the air!

And another FO: Susan's fluffy scarf in passing:

Susan and her newly F'd fluffy scarf O:
Pretty, pretty!

Gwen's [almost] finished snowman hat:

Naturally, it needs a face. Gwen's comment: "I felt stupid making a hat for my hat." I think it was worth it, Gwen. Cutey, cutey.

When I was visiting The Fam in South Dakota I noticed a new, still in its protective plastic wrapper, water bottle sitting on a chair in the living room. Upon further inspection, I discovered that my mother had been given the bottle as a promotional gift. I spoke up, and volunteered to take over the care and feeding of said water bottle, because since I started singing more seriously, I live for new water bottles.
I present my new water bottle:
It's a FULL LITER! And it's such a pretty red Nalgene. Yummy. It's the coolest water bottle ever. Because it's new and it's mine.

p.s. I'm going to culinary school!!!


jenifleur said...

Yay, Beth!!
This time last year I was going to culinary school. I got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu, but the food stylist on the show I was on at the time (who'd graduated from there) said "don't do it. it'll cost you $80K and your earning potential will be $8/hour." So I didn't. And on another show, he asked my husband if he'd sufficiently talked me out of going. And my friends said "oh why on earth would you do that to yourself?" and so here I am a year later, not in culinary school. I admit, my visions were more of a grandiose, famous chef, possibly with my own show on food network romantic sort of thing, but I should have tried anyway. I'm proud of you for going for it!