Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm REALLY Going To Culinary School

Look what I got today:
I swear, I wasn't drunk. The camera was crooked. I SWEAR.

After quite a bit of registration-type hullabaloo, and forking over a somewhat large chunk of dough, I am now officially a St. Louis Community College Student. They fully expect me to show up on Wednesday, January 19th for my first day of class (again). This is my third "first day of classes" since I graduated from High School. And I seem to be moving down in the ranks of secondary education, but that's ok. It's all appearances. I wandered around the Hospitality Department building, and it's new, and lovely. The buildings attached to it where Student Affairs and Registration and everything is are dumps. There was garbage everywhere in the cafeteria! I just won't plan on hanging out there much.

On Saturday I went to the uniform store where I need to buy my uniform. Boy do they have us decked out, but it'll be cool. The whole thing will be almost $65 and an extra jacket will be another $22.50. I'm taking donations. Both Christmas and my birthday are before classes start. The smallest items I need are only $3, so it's easy for you to help. ;) Remember, I accept PayPal.

On Thursday I went to my friends' church to rehearse with their choir; I'm helping out for Christmas Eve. I wore my Novelty Yarn Scarf because I didn't want to look like a slob (and when I'm a "guest" singer, I kind of Diva-it-up a little) and Jenn called it "sassy". I love that. I also showed off my purse. Jenn and Colleen loved it.

This weekend I made a lot of progress on the Ruffles Scarf, and I learned something. I've seen others' scarves and thought they looked like spiral pasta. However, there's a trick:

Pasta (dorky):

Not Pasta (funky!):

It's all in how you scrunch it up. I think this is an important learning.

AND, as if all of this isn't cool enough, when I got home tonight there was a message on my answering machine about my jewelry, from a reporter for "St. Louis Bride" magazine. I can only figure that she must want to put the jewelry in the magazine. How COOL would THAT be?


Anonymous said...

Congratualtions! I'm glad that all was straightened out - guess what? You are in Culinary school!!Have a good week and see you on Wed.

Gwen said...

You should splurge and buy yourself a lottery ticket!!! I like the scarf. I need to finish my x-mas projects so I can return to you.

Congratulations on culinary school. I'll volunteer to be a taste tester...


Danielle said...

Thats so funky. Diva and sassy whoo what if they call you that in the mag? That would bee sweet.

Kristin said...

I know one of the editors at St. Louis Bride (I think that's what it is). Her name is Rachel and she's fabulous.

Teri said...

I'm very happy for you. For all of the above. That scarf is groovy...I've officially added the book to my Amazon wish list.

WAY COOL about the bridal mag reporter. Your pretty jewelry could be featured in time for summer weddings. Now would be a great time to find a little boutique that would be interested in selling it for you.

Also: "large chunk of dough" for culinary school. BWAHAHAHAHA!

allison said...

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