Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Thanks for All The Help

I finally got some suggestions on what to do about the noisy neighbors, and none of them were quite as insidious nor clever as I had hoped. [sigh] Carolyn astutely suggested that maybe it was something new they didn't have before, like a fan or something. Well, this would be a great way to approach it, except the thing that is new is the neighbors, and I know it's music. Sometimes it's like a dull thunder, but sometimes it has a good beat. The first time I heard it I thought one of those cars with all the stereo equipment had pulled up, you know, the ones where you can't actually hear music, you just feel the bass in your chest? But they never turned off the engine, and they never drove away. :( Kelly suggested that they would rather hear the complaint from me than from the office. They would probably rather hear the complaint from Kelly, because she's so nice, and I'm sure she'd find a nice way to confront the issue, but I don't think I could do it. I'm not good with people at all, especially when it's unsolicited contact. I am very bad at approaching people or calling people, or whatever. I'm just so freaking shy. I had to call the office this morning anyway for something else, so I asked what the noise policy was, and they offered to send a letter. They assured me it is a very nice polite letter and doesn't specify who was complaining. And they informed me that ten o'clock was "quiet" time. Good to know.

I bought three more Hallmark cards today:

Isn't he cute, tipping his hat?
What a pair! They make one more, but the store only had one left, and I don't need three more cards. I suppose I could just buy the third, but it would just be for the sake of having all three, I'm not that in love with the third one. They would be cute, though...

Yesterday, Kristin wrote:

"Hi, Beth! I'm actually an employee at your RYS, but sadly, I only work on Sundays, so I didn't get to meet you. But if I did, I would have knocked you down and said, 'Beth! It's you! I know because I recognize you from your blog and I know who Teri is but I don't think she knows who I am and she was really super and helped us teach a buttload of people how to knit FOR FREE. And we love Teri.' "

But Kristin, I WAS there on a Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Maybe you were gone for the holiday? I'll be sure to make a point of being there on a Sunday the next time I visit, if I can, if you promise not to knock me down. In the meantime, introduce yourself to Teri, for pete's sake. Then she can take pictures of you and put you up on her blog, and then we'll all be blog-acquainted. I can't believe she taught for free. I'm planning on making a lot of money teaching. Gotta pay for that culinary school!


Teri said...

Wow. Okay, I may have to go in on Sunday and say "Which one of you is Kristin?" Of course, she might try to knock me down too...who knows. Oh and Beth, before you razz me about teaching for free...didn't you do that at the Knit-Out in September? :-P Besides...it was for charity and stuff.

Kristin said...

And now I feel like such a turd, because if you were there on Sunday with Teri and Mary Beth (I think she was there, wasn't she?) I was the girl who totally kicked you out at 5. But if I had known - IF I HAD KNOWN - I would have taken you to my house and given you fudge.

Teri, I'm the tall, young one with horrible hair. And I'll be working tonight with Jean, Jean the Knitting Machine.

janXknits said...

I used to live below some really noisy people. What I started doing was opening my window and repeat VERY LOUDLY everything they said. It drove the point home that I could hear their conversations and that I was annoyed by it. It stopped after about 10 mintues. No issues ever again.

I hope it helps!