Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Good thing I'm not one.

I'm going to make this quick because I need to go to bed because:

I'm all ready for my first day of school, except that as I was packing my backpack, I realized that while I have pens and pencils, I have no paper or notebooks. How dumb is that? I guess I'll just have to steal one from work.

Class at Knitorious this evening went well. I think I threw a lot of stuff at them, but they took it all in stride, and I think they learned a lot. I had a big cup of Throat Tea, and it was lovely. If you let it steep long enough it has a very nice sweet aftertaste, and it really did help my voice to feel better. I don't think it sounded any better, but it didn't hurt as much. Yippee!

Some stuff I forgot yesterday:

1. Thank you to everyone who helped me to pick out colors for the sweater. (See the past few days for details.) Maybe you were just voting for the colors you knew I liked, but it reassured me, and I appreciate it.

2. Teri asked why I didn't choose Brown and Green as one of the choices. Well, I'm sure it would be lovely, and I did consider it, but since I'm red-green color-blind, those two colors just take too much work for me to look at together.

Ok. I'm off to bed to try to sleep a bit. Two days down, 11 to go.


Bobby said...

You should always let an herbal "tea" infuse for about 15 minutes. covered if you can. it sucks out more of the useful elements of the herbs and it usually makes it taste a little better (though sometimes worse).

I think it's so fab that you are teaching how to knit! too cool!

Good luck at school tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

The class was wonderful! Sorry if I had too many useless comments - I've found out that I'm not the best student through your class. But I also learned the joys of a crochet hook, seaming, and all kinds of other formerly scary knitting tasks.


Beth said...

November, I have no idea what you're talking about, you silly girl! I don't remember any "worthless" comments, and I certainly didn't feel you were a bad student. I thought you were a great student! I hope you take some more classes from me in the future.