Thursday, January 20, 2005

You've GOT to be Kidding Me

I have no knitting news. I guess I could tell you how I re-wound two skeins of too-tightly wound yarn, but that's not exciting. Let me tell you about my first two days of Culinary School.

First of all, I arrived late to the first class. I had only been to the campus once, and I missed the turn, and instead of turning around and going back, I thought I'd just go around. Every street I tried to use to get to the building (which I could see the entire time) turned into a dead end. One would have gone through, but it had a gate across it. I was highly tempted to just plow through. Then, as I sat down in class, my head errupted in a ginormous headache. Probably due to the stress of "first day of school" and "late to first day of school". Sheesh. My lecture teacher is a crazy man. However, I think he will provide us with great entertainment, which I will detail later. He just kept talking about random things, and not about class requirements or our uniforms or anything, just about his experiences and the difference between Cajun and Creole and how in Macedonia they have Kiwis growing on vines above their garages or something. I tried to take notes, but he only said about two things that actually had to do with the first chapter. We also had two guests - one guy who talked about some of the services available in the student center (like computers, which is good) and another guy who rambled about how to interview and how to write a resume. He only spoke for about 10 minutes, but he tried to cover these topics in depth. It was kind of wierd. And a waste of my time, considering I HAVE a job, and am not going to find a better one through this particular community college.

Then, after this confusing pile of nothing, we proceeded downstairs to the lab. I am in love with my lab teacher. He's married and about 300 pounds, but he's so cute and personable and friendly. He does seem like a bit of a perfectionist, though, so we'll see how things go when we start having some expectations. He spoke coherently about the syllabus, and made sense, and taught us how to tie our neckies. I'll take another photo when I get it right. (And as many suspected, yes, the neckie is all about sweat.) He asked the class "Who here wants to be a chef?" and most people raised their hands half way. He said "Let me ask a different question: Who here DOESN'T want to be a chef?" expecting no one to raise their hands, but I figured I had better be honest about it, and up I went. "What DO you want to do?" and I said "I want to be a Culinary Scientist." Blank stare. "I'm already a food scientist." "oh, ok. Why do you want to do that?" I decided not to go into the half-hour description of my current career, the career I would like, and the certification program, so I merely stated "I'd like to cook more at work." Yes, friends, I am now the freak in class. That Weird Lady. After Chef Smith was done with what he needed to cover, we waited for the guy who gave us our lockers (who had gotten out to his car before remembering that he had to go back and talk to us.) and then we got to go home. Thank God, because at this point my head was about to explode.

I got home, fixed myself some Sleepy Time tea and called my parents. We talked for a while, and then I tried to go to bed. I wrapped my electric throw around my shoulders to try to ease the tension (I've GOT to finish that neck-warmer!) and I slept....until....3:00am....when I woke up. And couldn't fall asleep again because my head hurt even more. I took some medicine, and then around 4:00 I thought "I know! I'll read that giant textbook, and that'll put me to sleep." Foolproof. Not. Even. A. Little. Bit. It was quite interesting. I think it was 5:45 when I got up and took a shower, which helped some. And I got ready for work. Then, I was so busy at work I didn't get to stop for lunch, and then I didn't get to leave early to account for the missed lunch, and so by the time I got to school I was very tired. But it went a lot better than the first day.

This evening, I was happy to learn that my lecture teacher does Power Point, and the lectures have some form. He still wanders quite a bit, but that's ok. He's the kind of teacher who says funny things that I write down in my notes. Tonight's quote is:

"If it looks like crap, everybody gonna swear it's crap."

This man has the wisdom of the ages.

It turns out we're going through the ENTIRE book in this one little semester. One chapter a day. I also have to make a detailed outline of each chapter, and do work in a Study Guide workbook which is not available at the bookstore except with the purchase of the textbook, which I already have. I'm going to have to buy the set and sell back the book as used. That bites. But I digress. After an hour and a half of lecture we again headed downstairs to the lab. Tonight we walked around the kitchen, and he answered some questions and showed us how to tie the neckie again, and then we got to go home! I was home by 8:30. How wonderful. Life is good. And I stayed late today at work, and I need to do some more shopping, so I will get to leave early tomorrow. Thank god for Friday.

I suppose I do have some minor knitting news, or rather, a comment. I have two yarn orders on their way: one from Elann, and one from the Netherlands. Both should be here soon, and I am about to have a coronary from the excitement. Oh Shipping Gods, please smile on me with your gift of Efficiency.


Poppymom said...

Don't let that massive textbook and the speed of the class intimidate you. You'll find that the class will be geared more for the, um, slower students. I would up always being ahead in all of my classes when I was in the program.

Dying to know who's doing your lecture. I think I know, just from your description.