Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One Ball Calmer

FO 2005 number 2!
I worked my little flu-ridden heiny off, and have finished the Shedir for my sister in South Dakota who is hat-less. I loved the Rowan Calmer, another stretchy yarn like the Fixation I used for the Broadripple Socks. It's so soft. I hope my sister 1) likes it and 2) doesn't lose it. I think I'm going to sew a ribbon with her name on it to the inside.

I feel so acheived. I feel lighter somehow. Two Finished Objects in three days! And last week the Ruffles scarf. My goodness, I'm just crankin' 'em out. Whatever shall I set my sights on next? Madli Shawl? Do I dare?


Rossana said...

Yay! Pretty Shedir! What a way to kick off 2005 with TWO FO's!

Teri said...

That is one pretty hat. I made some fingerless glove thingys with one ball of Calmer and they're great.

Re: finishing older projects. Have I mentioned that I have another cousin getting married this summer? Dare I attempt to complete my lace shawl by that time?

unravelme said...

That's really a beautiful hat! Good job!

Gwen said...

Hat looks fabulous! Congratulations on your FO!

I, too, fell victim to the flu. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like dying. At first solid food yesterday night and woke up feeling much better today. Hoorah!