Thursday, January 13, 2005

Soul Searching

Who knew it could be so hard to pick out some colors? All day I've been looking at Elann, and looking at the pictures of the sweater, and looking at Elann, and looking at pictures of the sweater, and looking at...well, you get the picture.

The sweater calls for three colors, which will be referred to as follows:
- Main color - yoke color and one color in body colorwork
- Contrast color - the other color used in the body and sleeves
- Accent color - used only at the neck, cuffs and waist

My soul-searching has led me to the following conclusions:

1. I like the high-contrast of the colors used in the picture.
2. I don't want the accent color to really contrast with the yoke. I want them to be of similar values. For example, I don't want a light-colored yoke and a dark accent, or the other way around.
3. I want the yoke to be a color that looks particularly good on me.

Number 1 rules out the Indigo/Violet combination, although I really like it, and will certainly consider it again in the future. Number 2 rules out using the Natural for the yoke because I don't like any of the other light colors - they're too pastel. Number 3 also rules out using the Natural for the main color because I don't look particularly good in off-white. I need some color. I am a redhead with pale skin, and a bit of rosacea, although I do have dark brown eyes, so I can pull off a dark or bright color, but I'm not a huge fan of light colors. I also have cool coloring, as opposed to warm coloring. My eyes are a dark brown, not a golden brown. I do not tan, I freckle. Bea really wanted me to use a golden/warm color for the accent, but I'm afraid I can't. Especially since it would go right against my skin at the neck and wrists. I bet Bea has warm coloring because she seems to really like that kind of color, but I just can't wear it.

So, we're back to Natural
for the Contrast color.

Violet Heather, Green Heather or Coffee Bean for the Main Color

Indigo Heather, Mid Indigo, Spiced Wine, or Green Heather (again), for the Accent

So far, the winner is the Violet/Indigo combination
Other possibilities:
Green/Indigo or Spiced Wine (I tend to resist making things in the color shown in the pattern, so this is less desirable to me.)
Coffee Bean/Indigo or Mid Indigo or Spiced Wine

Please help!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, I'm asian so I'm drawn to warm/rich colour combinations (though I absolutely can't wear golds and not many purples, sadly)... I voted for violet/dark indigo, and I'm sure it'll look beautiful. I was wondering about grape for the yoke, but I'd be worried about the widening effect that I mentioned earlier... so the violet. *grin* Hm, that's what your original inclination was, wasn't it? Good instincts....


Teri said...

So what about the Coffee Bean and the green heather together? That looks like it could be very nice.