Thursday, January 13, 2005

Too Many Choices

Bea already made a free-form suggestion, and I was having a hard time visualizing, so I quickly played around a little bit, and thought I'd share what I did, because it really helped a lot.

An edited picture to help imagine the colors reversed:


Teri said...

Oh, I like that a great deal. Very nice!

Gwen said...

I like the natural, the lighter purple and the indigo heather. I also kind of like the inversion with the light as the background and then for the top.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like it! (Er... naturally *grin*. But the picture in my head wasn't as clear as that....) The violet heather won't be as contrasty with the dark indigo heather, either -- more subtle, but still very clear. I can't quite picture what colour would be nicest for trim, but I like the idea of something like old-gold (golden bark? butterscotch? harvest heather?). Is the trim colour used in the torso? It looks a bit like it's the background colour might be interspersed with it... in which case, I like the Spiced Wine. It's in-between violet and dark indigo in value, with slight flecks of the violet...

Yikes, I never realized how much fun it is to pick yarn for a sweater vicariously! :-)

Bea (bsywan at gmail dot com)