Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It Ain't Over 'Till the Fat Lady Sings

I think my birthday should last as long as my flowers do. They just keep getting prettier every day, just like me.
They're opening up like little Mums. They're just grocery-store flowers so I don't really know what they are. They were by the carnations, but looked like Dahlias, and now look like little pink mums. I'm flower-clueless. I just know they're pretty, and my favorite color.

I've already had comments from two of my students: November and Emily. Emily doesn't seem to have blogged much about knitting, but we'll change that now, won't we? Mwah hah hahaha! They're both so very sweet, and I can't wait until next Tuesday to corrupt them, I mean TEACH them, more.

I was discussing a new project I'd like to do (see below) when Mary Ann astutely noticed that I was buying a lot more yarn than I usually do. And yes, All Hell Has Been Breaking Loose here at YarnEnvy. There hasn't been a whole lot of envying going on, and a lot more buying. That is because I've been getting a lot of money for Christmas and my birthday, some of which is taking care of bills and expenses I would otherwise need to pay, and some that I feel should be used for something I want because it's a gift. Sandy gave me a little money for Christmas which I was going to use to buy one of the jackets I need for school, but then my sister sent me all the money I could possibly use to buy my uniforms, including two jackets. And then Gwen, bless her heart, gave me a little cash for my birthday. Add this to the hunk of money my parents gave me for Christmas, and it all adds up to a bit of spending change for me. I usually have almost all of my spending money accounted for (voice lessons alone average $200/month!) and I can't afford to buy much yarn. I think the famine has given way to flood. Sure, some of this money should be going into a savings account or something sensible like that, but in a way, it's a savings account of yarn. I'll have more projects than I know what to do with soon. So, without further ado, I need your help in spending all of this money! Follow me to....Elann!

Elann has more of the Peruvian Highland Wool, and I'd like to use it for this:
Cable Yoke Pullover - Vogue Fall 2003
I really love this sweater, and can not afford the Montera (50% Llama) it calls for, and it's not an essential part of the pattern, I don't think. But I do like that it's a little bit heathered.

These are some colors I'm considering:

Natural - the only light color that's really appropriate, so we're a little married to it.

Grape Heather and Violet Heather - I look really good in these colors, so I'd like to use one of them for the main color.

And for the contrast at the neck, cuffs and waistband: Deep Blue Sea and Indigo Heather

Green Heather

Opinions varied tonight at Knit Night @ B&N. Opinions were pretty consistent that the lighter purple would be good since the natural is so light. Some felt that blue would coordinate well, some felt that a contrast like green would be good. I've been offered some Deep Blue Sea for free, but I'm liking the Indigo Heather. I like that it's a contrast in value (it's darker than the purple), whereas the green isn't. What do y'all think? I'm also open for free-form suggestions. Lay it on me.


Anonymous said...

(Hi! Been really enjoying your writing -- and of course the knitting inspiration and entertainment. Thanks for taking the time. :-) )

My quasi-freeform suggestion is to make the background Violet Heather, use Dark Indigo Heather (or maybe Grape Heather) for the "net" (i.e. the Natural part in the picture)... and make the edge contrast colour Spiced Wine, or Forest Green Heather/Oregano. Or maybe even Harvest Heather.

The reason I like the idea of a dark "net" is that I find the dark yoke/light-patterned-torso combo makes the torso look wider, even on that skinny model. Of course, all disclaimers apply... I'm no fashion expert (not even close! lol)... maybe the natural colour net is what you like about the sweater?

Bea (bsywan at gmail dot com)

Emily said...

I added a whole post of knitting content just this morning before I read your blog!

I don't have a good sense yet for combining more than two colors, so I will be curious to see what others opine.