Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Knitting Goddess Strikes Again

Tonight was my first class at Knitorious. What fun! I love teaching people stuff about knitting. Did you know that I could talk almost non-stop for two hours about knitting with nearly no provocation? Well, I can. I don't know how much of what came out of my mouth actually stuck in my students' heads, but I do know that they know I'm excited about knitting. They probably think I'm bonkers. But that's ok, because I'd rather be bonkers than boring.

I have no pictures to share. I should have taken a picture of my class. I will when we're done and they're "graduating"! Ha! My scarf is coming along swimmingly, but that color is just so hard to photograph, and it's not quite long enough to be that interesting yet. Maybe in a few days. I also should take pictures of my neck warmer cover, because I think it's going to be really cute. But for now, I need to go to bed. I have a long night again tomorrow, and a long day Thursday, and I need to get some sleep, because next week is REALLY going to be hell, and I need to keep up my strength. So far, I've been doing that with mass quantities of birthday cake, but now that's all gone. I do, however, still have plenty of Reddi-Wip and hot chocolate.

Has anyone else noticed that the earth is falling apart? I'm so numbed to the pictures of the tsunami that I'm not sure how to process the pictures of the mudslides. What's next?


Monica said...

That's funny! I could probably talk about knitting for 2 hours too.

jenifleur said...

Those students are lucky to have you for a teacher!

Yeah, the world is acting weird. And let us not forget the 4 huge hurricanes in a row in florida a few months ago. And record snowfall in many parts of the country. At least it appears california is drying out now. And those mudslides happened in an area that has repeatedly had them and still people insist on moving there, so I have less sympathy for those who should know better.

Anonymous said...

Take it from one of your students - your enthusiasm is infectious! - November

Elayne said...

Your students are truly fortunate to have you and I'm sure your "passion" is really infectious.

I love your phrase..."I'd rather be bonkers than boring".....so I'm going to adopt it. It pretty well sums me up too and my roots.