Sunday, January 09, 2005

Even More FOs!

Today the sun came out (at least I think that's what it's called) so I took a picture of the scarf outside. I think I would see this color a lot better if I weren't color-blind, but I love it anyway.
I love it because it's mine.

AND, I finally finished a couple of Baby Alberts needing buttons and seams:

The dark one is a wonderful charity project. It took about one skein of WoolEase Sport. I have a bit left, but not a ton. I may try to make a hat with it. If it works out it will really be a perfect charity project. One skein of WoolEase only costs $5. The buttons were about a buck and a half. I meant to have it done in time for the Knitting Guild's Founder's Day luncheon in December, but didn't quite make it because I slept in. The lighter colored one is a project I did for a friend at work who had a baby (several months ago) and didn't get it done in time for the shower, and then he moved to a different location across town, and I just never got it done, and now the baby is too big. The lesson learned is that if I don't make a deadline, I'll procrastinate and procrastinate and never get it done. Today I bit the bullet and put the nose to the grindstone and bucked up and did it. Feels good. I'll give them both to the guild next month, probably.

For more details, check out my Finished Objects page.


unravelme said...

The Baby Alberts are adorable!

Danielle said...

Those are great. I bet they look real cute on . Good job!

Katherine said...

v. cute beth! I particularly love the heart buttons :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute Beth! I like the fact that you chose a non-pastel color for the first sweater!!!

Emily said...

Hi Beth!

Thanks for teaching such a great class tonight! And I love the sweaters. I'm looking forward to next week already.