Saturday, January 08, 2005

Birthday Redux

Today, being Saturday, I worked for a bit at Knitorious. And I decided that yesterday being my birthday, I would use whatever money I earned today for yarn, and nothing else. (Usually I use it for other things, showing a great dearth of will-power.) This is what I got:

It's Araucania Nature Wool in what I can only describe as a very dark dusty rose color. It was very difficult to photograph, and being color-blind, it looks green to me. Oh well. It does have some color variation in it, but it's not vereigated, it's more what I would call "mottled". It's dyed in the hank, and the dark spots are random, and not through entire sections of the hank. Am I making any sense? This would be a BAD choice for the Pooling Colors scarf. You can see the color variation best in the picture of the balled skein (and yes, I used my pizza cutter handle.) This is a wonderful quality in a yarn like this - there is almost no danger of color pooling, as you can see below.

This is the beginning of Norah Gaughan's Here and There Cables scarf from Scarf Styles.
I think this pattern is freakin' brilliant. I've done reversible cables before, but not like this. I'm not going to try to describe how unique they are; you'll just have to get the book and swatch it up to see what I mean.

And this is the hot chocolate I didn't have room for yesterday:YUM!


Lynette said...

happy belated birthday! your yarn and cocoa looks yummy.