Monday, February 14, 2005

Dry Wool Smells Better Than Wet Wool

A close-up of my Kool-Aid yarn (outside without flash):

(with flash): the real color is somewhere in between

You can see where the hot spots were - the darkest areas, and the lightest color is the under-dye. I like how the oranges are muted and blend with the pinks and purples. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but for now it just looks pretty. I have a desire to wind it into a ball to see what it looks like that way, but as we all know, once you wind you can't go back, and I like looking at the stripes. Of course, socks would be lovely, but I don't have any clothes that match, and I don't know how often I'd wear them. Maybe a shawl or something. The flower basket shawl from an Interweave a few issues ago would work, but I'm not in love.

I've also decided that if I decide to try this again myself, I need to do it Friday night. That way, I can leave it to dry overnight, and have the whole weekend to fondle. Fondling wet wool leads to felting, and smells bad too. I have half a mind to do some skeins of worsted to make the Kangaroo from The Purl Stitch. It would not be expensive (2000 yards of worsted weight can be pretty pricey!) and it would be interesting. I'd only have to do 9 skeins; I just have to figure out how to do a batch that large and still get some interesting effects. I love the idea of using just one color and taking advantage of the hot spots to get the color variations, but using a crockpot or stockpot wouldn't do that. Hmm. I'll have to ponder this a while. It's not like it's an emergency or anything; I have plenty to do.

In other news:
All organized!
Click here to find the "before" picture and the story up 'till now. (Or just scroll down a couple of days.) This is one side of my walk-in closet; the bags hanging at the top of the picture are projects hanging from the bar.

And my bed (please forgive my lack of decorating):
See the box underneath? That's my yarn, all cozy and easy to look at whenever I want. I decided to use only two of the bed risers because it's supposed to be healthy to sleep with your head elevated. Doesn't it look funny? It looks even wierder in person; in the picture it just looks like I'm not holding the camera straight.


Lauren said...

Your yarn is so beautiful. I tried kool-aid dyeing a few years ago and got much less stellar results than you and all your knitty friends. Definitely - dye a sweater's worth!

Vicki said...

Your yarn looks great! Can't wait to see what you make out of it. Is it comfy to sleep like that, looks like it :)

Emily said...

Pretty yarn--I've done one small batch of kool-aid dyeing, but it came out a muddier color.

unravelme said...

I think the colors are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The colors are really cool! I'll be interested to see how you turn it into something pretty.


Sara said...

Ooooooh, pretty pretty yarn. I've got my Kool Aid already, just have to unwind the yarn from the Goodwill sweater (an idea for you for 2000 cheap yards).

Our bed is elevated at the head, too, and it helps with my allergies. Does look weird in our room, though, gotta admit.