Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Half-Price Chocolate Day!

I must say, as Half-Price Chocolate Days go, this one wasn't so great. By the time I got to the stores after work, all the real chocolate was gone, leaving only sugar-free and reduced-carb valentine hearts. I'm very upset. Half-Price Chocolate Day is the only holiday we single girls have, and now those damn carb crazies have ruined it. What a bunch of crap. Who buys their sweetie diet candy for Valentine's Day anyway? Just buy her a thigh-master and some protein shake powder, and then run for your life.

Usually, I'm able to find at least one one-pound heart of somewhat ok quality. Not a one this year. Here's what I found at two Walgreen's, a Target and a Dierberg's:
The take:
Isn't that sad? Such a tiny little Whitman's...I always strive to find a pound of Whitman's...not this year! That was the biggest Russell Stover I could find, too! However, this might rank as the best quality year on record...the red box on the bottom is a box of Lindt truffles for $3.50 - that was nice to find. And, there was one surprise dark horse found at Target; it was not in a heart-shaped box (see it? it's not even red) and it was a brand I'd not heard of before...

Stephany's Chocolates are simply lovely. And I'm not a big chocolate person, and I'm a little picky about my chocolate, I don't enjoy crappy chocolate, so if I tell you some chocolate is simply lovely, then it will lay you prostrate. I don't like coffee, and I ate the coffee truffle with great enjoyment. If coffee actually tasted like that, I'd drink it. The cinnamon truffle was a perfect balance between rich smooth chocolate and spicy cinnamon oil - subtle, yet powerful. I can't stand it. I'll have to try for more tomorrow. I weep at the beauty.


noonie said...

You poor soul, a chocoholic living in the US. I'd send you chocolate if I knew where to send it.

General Ginger said...

LOL Sorry the carbies ruined Half-Price Chocolate day for you!

kara said...

i was at a target yesterday and there were many many boxes of Stephany's left. i got a small one myself. :)