Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Where's Sweet Georgia When You Need Her?

Here they are, the first pictures I've taken in my class:

This is the chicken and rice soup we made:

And this is how consomme is made:
gross, huh? Yeah. It looked even grosser in person. If Felicia were there, you'd know just how gross it was. But that's why I'm a cook and not a photographer.

The good news is our teacher really liked the soup. We're talkin' raised-eyebrows-more-than-one-spoonful-no-suggestions-for-improvement liked the soup. The rice was cooked perfectly, it was well seasoned (we added garlic powder that wasn't in the recipe - is that cheating?), he liked the parsely we used as a garnish (which we tore into little pieces instead of chopping because we had already washed the cutting board.) And it was pretty good, I thought. But he didn't need to act so surprised. We saved it, and will bring containers to bring it home tomorrow. Yum.

As for knitting, I ripped out the Koigu neck-warmer last night. It just kept getting longer and longer, and then it was too long and it could have been wider, so I ripped. But that's ok, because then it makes a better travel project. Before, I was too close to the end, and I need a scale to tell when to stop and do the end ruffle, and I am not going to pack a scale in my luggage; I think that's going a bit too far. I have plenty of projects I could work on without hauling around a scale, for pete's sake. So today at lunch I worked some more on the Floofy Scarf. It's coming along nicely. I really like the floofies.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Yummm. The soup looks great, Beth! Chicken-anything soup is always a favorite at our house.

Teri said...

Great! Now I have FoodEnvy.