Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Power

Vicki, in commenting on my last post, said: "Really I can't imagine only donating $1, I'd feel kinda cheap."

That kind of speaks to why I'm only asking for a little bit. I never stop being impressed by what and who my blog brings to me. It brings me closer to the friends I already have, and it bring new friends to me that I would never meet otherwise. It brings strangers and people who aren't even interested in knitting. Not to mention the "places" I go to visit and projects I live vicariously through. I've come in contact with literally thousands of people in one way or another through either my blog or theirs.

So I thought "What if every single person did something so miniscule as to give a dollar, which would not put most people out, we could do something monumental!" If every new visitor to my site since I posted the goal originally had just given a dollar, which they would hardly notice missing, I would have nearly $500 more than what I have now. And if every visitor had donated a dollar, we would have reached the goal already, and a lot of people could have a warm fuzzy feeling that they were part of something good. And all because a whole bunch of people did nearly nothing. I am in awe of that potential. It's not being cheap, it's everybody doing a little bit to help.

So consider, instead of doing nothing, do nearly nothing, and we can do something wonderful!

By the way, I ordered the yarn for dyeing today. And I'll post some hair pictures, past and future, this weekend.


Shannon said...

I truly don't want to rain on your parade, but there's some info you might want to know about Locks of Love before you donate your hair... It's well compiled on this site. I honor your desire to make a contribution, and hope you take this in the spirit in which it is offered...

Vicki said...

Ahh, not the spotlight on me! Just kidding. I definitely understand why you are asking for only $1. Better to get only that with the possibility of more than to ask for $20 and not get anything.